Nairabet gives you a full stake back if a match ends in a goalless draw

How many times have you placed a multiple bet and one game stopped you from winning? Nairabet understands this, which is why they are running a new promotion. Every time you make an accumulator bet, you will get paid even if that one game spoils your wager.

Nairabet wants to reward loyal customers by giving you a chance to recoup your losses. How can you be involved? You must register as a user. Click on the Register button and follow the instructions. In order to become a user, you must be a Nigerian citizen and at least 18 years old.

For example, let’s say you placed a multiple bet with ten games on certain odds. And if you win, you would get a certain amount of money. But, if you fail by just a single game, Nairabet will still pay something out to you. Here are the rules:

  • This promotion is valid only for accumulator bets with 10 events or more.
  • Minimum odds on each bet must be 1.2.
  • If just one of the bets doesn’t satisfy these criteria, the bet will be disqualified.
  • If you lose because of one game, you will get roughly 10% of what you would have won if you had guessed everything correctly. That’s 10% minus any bonuses and the game you didn’t guess.
  • You can bet on any sports in the sportsbook section.
  • You can choose any market you want.
  • You can bet pre-game and in-play.
Nairabet: Goalless Draw Money Back

Nairabet: Goalless Draw Money Back

If you are still not clear how this would work, here is an example.

Your bet (accumulator bet with 10 games): 200 Naira (20 on each game)

Expected winnings: 400,000 Naira

Accumulator bonus: 100,000 Naira

Total expected winnings: 500,000 Naira

You miss the bet by one game with odds of 1.5. Here is the calculation.

They take away the bonus so there’s 400,000 Naira left. Then, they will remove the game you lost (with odds of 1.5) – 400,000 naira divided by 1.5, that’s 266,667 Naira. Divide that by ten games and you get 26,667 Naira. Then take away the stake for a single game (20 Naira) and you get 26,647 Naira. That is the amount you will get even though you missed the accumulator bet by one game.

You stake 100 Naira and you still win 26,647 Naira.

Some online betting sites would maybe credit you back with your stake if you lost by one game. Nairabet goes one step further and rewards you even though you’ve lost the wager.

Nairabet covers almost twenty different sports in their sportsbook with football betting, basketball and tennis being the most popular ones. There is a very easy to navigate Live betting option (in-play) with lots of markets, a statistics section and live score updates.

The Virtual Sports section of the online betting site covers virtual football and tennis games, as well as dog and horse racing.

Casino part of the site has all the classic tables games, together with Bingo, Roulette, video slots, scratch cards and classic slots.

You can access the site from a computer or a mobile phone. There is an extensive tutorial section about how to use the features of the site. Make sure you check it out.

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