Best BonusHighest Welcome Bonus
1xbet bonus
  • Bonus Code: WELCOME200NG
  • 200% Bonus up to ₦100.000
  • Wager: 5x Deposit + Bonus

Best Betting Bonus in Nigeria

sports betting bonus in nigeriaAt we strive to provide the best information for Nigerian customers on betting bonus offers in 2021. We understand that the sheer volume of promotions from different sportsbooks can appear overwhelming. You may not know which offers are the best value. Also, you may not know what the different terms and bonus types mean.

This is where our expert knowledge helps! We use our in-depth knowledge of the Nigerian online gambling industry to bring you the best sports betting bonus offers. You can then use this info to choose the best offers and make the most of your cash. Read on to find out everything you need to know about betting bonus dividends and how they work!

Betting Bonus for Nigerian Players 2021

Welcome offer
Bonus conditions
more Info
100% up to ₦50.000 Welcome Bonus
  • Bonus Code: GET150
  • Min. odds 1.40
  • Wager: 5x bonus
50% up to ₦20.000 Welcome Bonus
  • ₦20.000 Welcome Bonus
  • Min. odds of 3,00
  • Wager: 3x bonus
Bet €/$20, Get €/$20
  • Promo code R20
  • Min Odds: 1.5
  • Min Deposit: $20
100% up to ₦100,000 Welcome Bonus
  • ₦100,000 Welcome Bonus
  • Min. odds 1.40
  • Wager: 5x Deposit+Bonus
100% up to ₦100.000 Welcome Bonus
  • Bonus Code: BET100
  • Min. odds of 1.85
  • Wager: 6x bonus
200% up to ₦100.000K Welcome Bonus
  • ₦100.000K Welcome Bonus
  • Min. odds of 1.40
  • Wager: 5x Bonus
100% up to ₦100.000 Welcome Bonus
  • Bonus Code: WELCOME200NG
  • Min. odds: 2.00 (single) and 2.25 (doubles)
  • Wager: 8x bonus
100% up to ₦110.000 Welcome Bonus
  • ₦111.000 Welcome Bonus
  • Min. Odds of 1.90
  • Wager: 5x Bonus
200% up to ₦100.000K Welcome Bonus
  • ₦100.000K Welcome Bonus
  • Min. odds: 1.40
  • Wager: 5x Bonus
100% up to ₦100.000 Welcome Bonus
  • ₦100.000 Welcome Bonus
  • Min. odds of 1.50
  • Wager: 7x bonus
110% up to ₦50000 Welcome Bonus
  • ₦50000 Welcome Bonus
  • No-deposit bonus
  • No wagering requirements
100% up to £100 Welcome Bonus
  • Huge number of football markets
  • Generous welcome bonus & range of promotions
  • Live streaming opportunities from over 10 sports
Deposit $30 play with $60
  • Code: EXCN20
  • Min. odds: 1,60
  • Wager: 10x Bonus
100% up to 25€ Welcome Bonus
  • 25€ Welcome Bonus
  • Min. odds: 2.00
  • Wager: 6x deposit+bonus

Betting bonus offers for new & existing customers

First, let’s look at the basic terminology and explain a little about the different types of offer available. A betting bonus is a promotional offer that Nigerian sportsbook platforms give their customers.

In most instances, the offer provides some form of cash bonus to players – this could be a free bet, a deposit bonus, or free cash, for example. These funds must be used on the sportsbook platform, and as you will see below, there is usually relating terms and conditions of usage.

Betting bonus Nigeria offers give players better value for money. In addition, they allow you to experiment, have more fun, and potentially turn your bets into profit.

Types of betting bonuses

In the sportsbook industry, there is a plethora of different offers – usually, a website will offer a welcome bonus, plus a range of other promotions on a weekly basis. The following are the most common sports betting bonus available for Nigerian customers:

Welcome bonus

Practically every sportsbook offers a welcome bonus. This offer is available for new customers only – it is a way of encouraging new customers and to give them a good impression of the platform.

22bet welcome bonus betting

Bet with 22bet and have their welcome bonus up to NGN 50 000 today!

To claim a welcome offer, you usually have to register a valid account, make a deposit with real cash, and sometimes apply a promotional code. Welcome bonuses often include a matched deposit bonus which we have described below.

Matched Deposit

As mentioned above, the matched deposit offer is usually included within a welcome package. In this type of promotion, customers gain a percentage of bonus funds based on how much they deposit up to a set limit.

For example, the promotion could be a 100% matched deposit up to ₦20,000. This means that if you deposited ₦10,000, you would receive a bonus of ₦10,000 giving you ₦20,000 to play with!

Free Bets

Free bets are another common promotional offer for Nigerian sportsbooks. Instead of giving cash, platforms give set value free bets. For example, a platform could give a ₦5,000 free bet to place on football markets. Usually free bets are smaller in value and have fixed maximum odds.

Reload Bonus

To give a boost to customers who are down on their luck, many sportsbooks offer a reload bonus. This is usually a matched deposit bonus, specifically for existing customers who have zero funds in their account, or who haven’t played at the sportsbook for some time.

Free Cash

Some Nigerian platforms keep it simple and provide a set cash bonus for customers. This cash bonus is not related you deposit amount, but instead is a set value. Usually this is a lower value than a matched deposit bonus such as ₦5,000 or ₦10,000. Also, this type of offer always has a minimum deposit amount to claim the free cash.

No Deposit Bonus

To provide ultimate value to customers, some websites give customers bonus funds or bets for free. No deposit bonuses are exactly as they state – a promotion that doesn’t require a deposit. Usually, these offers either provide a small cash dividend, or a small value free bet.

betway betyourway bundesliga offer betting tips

Bet your way to win! At Betway you can bet at Bundesliga on the first 4 goal scorer to win

Enhanced Odds

This type of offer does not provide any monetary value. Instead, it provides enhanced rewards if you win when placing bets. Enhanced odds offer typically boost your bets by a set percentage which means your winnings will be greater.

Wagering / Rollover Requirements

Wagering and rollover requirements are two terms that you will frequently hear in reference to sportsbook offers. The two terms effectively mean the same thing – they are used interchangeably.

Wagering requirements are specific terms you must complete in order to withdraw any bonus funds. The wagering requirements are usually specified as a multiplier. This multiplier relates to the total value you must wager before making a bonus fund withdrawal.

For example, the wagering requirement may be 5x. If your bonus funds were ₦10,000, you would have to spend ₦50,000 (5x 10,000) before making a withdrawal. Rollover requirements are the most important terms to understand in relation to a promotional offer.

Minimum Odds

Most offers at sportsbooks have minimum odds in relation to the bonus funds. This means that you can only place bets that have at least these minimum odds values. Sportsbooks do this to limit how much you can potentially win from their offers.

Typically, the average minimum odds for Nigerian sportsbook offers is 1.40. Some platforms do offer better odds values, however. 1.40 isn’t a bad value as it equates to an implied probability of 71.40%.

Always check the minimum odds requirements before trying to spend your bonus funds or place a bet. In most instances, there will be some physical barrier to prevent you placing bets with greater odds than the minimum requirement – it is always best to know the figures beforehand, however.

You should now have a clearer idea of the different types of betting bonus and the associated terms. But what does this look like in practice? We have provided two examples of real promotions below:


Netbet logo bonus100% up to ₦100,000 welcome bonus

This is a simple offer from NetBet – it is a matched deposit bonus. The minimum odds are 2.00, and there is an 8x wagering requirement. So, if you placed a deposit of ₦20,000, you would receive ₦40,000 in total to play with. In addition, you would have to spend ₦160,000 to meet the wagering requirements.


melbet- One of Nigeria's leading Betting Site100% up to ₦100,000 welcome bonus

Another relatively straightforward offer from MelBet. The minimum odds for this offer are better at 1.40, and there is a lower wagering requirement of 5x. Therefore, if you placed a deposit of ₦20,000, you would receive ₦40,000 to play with. Also, you would only have to spend ₦100,000 to meet the wagering requirements.

How can you find the best value sports betting bonus in Nigeria?

Not all betting bonus offers are equal. Some are clearly better than others. To give you insight, we have provided an “average offer” – this has been created by looking at the different bonuses available and forming an average in relation to the different terms:

What should you consider an average value promotion?

  • ₦100,000 maximum bonus funds
  • 100% matched deposit- A minimum deposit of ₦5,000
  • Rollover of 5x
  • Expiry period of 30 days
  • Minimum bet odds of 1.50

This is a great benchmark offer. Most Nigerian sportsbooks will offer a maximum matched deposit of ₦100,000. In addition to this, the average wager requirements appear to be 5x – if you can get less than this, even better.

Furthermore, the average minimum odds appears to be between 1.50 – 1.75 – if you can get higher than this, for example 1.40 then fantastic.

How can you choose a suitable offer?

To look at examples of the best offers, we advise checking out the table at the top of the page – this contains a list of amazing Nigerian betting bonus offers for your benefit.

How can you register at a Nigerian betting site?

betting bonus betbonanza nigeria

Open an account at BetBonanza today and grab their Sports welcome bonus

  1. Open the website
  2. Find and click on the “register” link
  3. Complete the registration form
  4. Validate the registration via email or SMS

The registration process is relatively easy. You must provide correct details when registering an account – if you do not, you could invalidate your account or even be charged for fraud.

In most instances, you will have to activate or validate your account. This could be entering a code sent to your smartphone or clicking a link in an email. Either way, follow the instructions and you can then usually login to your account and make your first deposit.

Pros and Cons of sports betting bonus promotions

To give a full overview of the different types of offers and their worth, we must be transparent about the pros and cons:

pros betting bonus nigeriaPros


  • Boosts your initial funds
  • Can turn into profit
  • Enables you to test a sportsbook

The main benefit of a betting bonus is that you are getting something extra – whether it be free cash, or free bets. In addition, if you use the funds carefully, you can make a profit. Alternatively, you can use the funds to have fun, and test a sportsbook to see if you like it or not.

cons betting bonus nigeriaCons


  • Minimum odds restrictions
  • Rollover requirements
  • Time limitations

Although offers are great, there are cons too. Firstly, most offers have wagering requirements. This ultimately means you must spend more which in some ways negates the effect of the offer. Also, most promotions limit the odds – this means you can’t bet freely on whatever you want. Finally, time constraints mean that you are restricted again in your actions.

What important terms and conditions must you understand?

As we have stated before, the terms and conditions of sports betting bonus offers are important. You must read through these terms, so you understand how to use the offer. The following is four important features of the T&C’s that you should be aware of:

arrow betting tips nigeriaWagering requirements

We have mentioned wagering requirements already – these are what you must clear before making a withdrawal of your bonus funds. Look for the multiplier so you know how much you must spend. Also check to see if the wagering requirements apply for your bonus funds, or your bonus funds and initial deposit.

arrow betting tips nigeria

Minimum deposit value

All offers relating to a deposit have a minimum deposit value. You must understand this value so you know the minimum you must deposit to successfully claim the offer.

arrow betting tips nigeria

Minimum betting odds

Most bonus funds for sportsbooks will have minimum betting odds. This means that you can only place bets with those minimum odds – if you try to place bets using bonus funds with different odds, you could void the promotion.

arrow betting tips nigeria

Expiry period

Sportsbooks offers also have two types of expiry date. Firstly, in most cases you must claim the offer within a set period (usually 48-hours). Secondly, there is usually a timeframe in which you must use the bonus funds (usually 30-days).

Where Can Punters Find the Best Betting Bonuses?

You are already on the website that provides the best betting bonus for Nigerian customers! At we use our expert industry knowledge to bring you the best sports betting bonus available in 2021. Check out the different sections in our website – you can find everything from sportsbook reviews to lists of top betting bonus Nigeria offers.

Use our betting predictions to boost your betting bonus

Consider this – you have chosen your betting bonus, but you are now unsure which sporting events and competitions to spend your money on. Do you go some football betting and place a bet on a strong team like Juventus in the Seria A? Or maybe you try some NBA action and bet on the Lakers?

Don’t leave anything to chance! Before you spend your sports betting bonus, check out our betting predictions and tips. We have a whole section dedicated to betting tips and predictions. You can use this information to make the most of your bonus funds.

Whilst no bet is a guaranteed win, we use our in-depth knowledge and statistical analysis to provide accurate betting predictions that can yield great results.

Betting Bonus Tips to beat the odds and use your bonus wisely

mobile betting bonusUnless you are an experienced sportsbook gambler, it is quite easy to throw away your dividends. If you don’t want to do this, take heed of these 4 awesome betting bonus tips we have provided:

1. Always check the terms and conditions

We cannot stress the importance of this enough! We cannot count the number of times we have had messages from users saying that their bonus offer was void, or that they had their funds removed. 99% of the time, this is simply because they didn’t read the terms and conditions properly.

Read the T&C’s properly. They are there for a reason. Ensure you understand the fine details of the betting bonus offer including wagering requirements, minimum odds, and time constraints.

2. Bigger Value does not always mean the best offer

It is human nature to be blinded by large cash values. We see huge value bonuses and automatically assume they must be the best offer available! This is not always true. Whilst monetary value is important, always consider other factors.

Look for wagering requirements – a lower value offer with much lower wagering requirements is preferable to a high value offer with ridiculous rollover requirements, for example. Be smart and don’t be blinded by monetary value.

3. Use your dividends to test your betting theories

Promotions aren’t always about making money. You can use your bonus funds to have some fun and test out different betting theories. For example, you may have always wanted to try betting on the number of yellow cards in a football game to see if it can work – use the bonus funds to test this out!

4. Don’t spend it all at once!

Finally, try not to blow your bonus funds immediately. Whilst there is usually time constraints, you can still use your funds wisely and strategically. Take your time, analyse the different bets, and use your dividends smartly!

FAQ’s of Nigerian Betting Bonus

What is A Betting Bonus?

A betting bonus is a reward that customers can earn when using Nigerian sportsbooks. This could be a matched deposit bonus, enhanced betting odds, free cash, or free bets, for example. Whatever it is, it provides some form of advantage to customers when placing bets on a sportsbook platform.

Where can i get a Sports Betting Bonus?

Virtually every Nigerian sportsbook has sports betting bonus offers. Websites like 1xBet, LionsBet, NetBet, and BetBonanaza all have fantastic welcome offers and promotions for their customers. Use our guide and website to find the best value promotions.

Which Betting Bonus is the best?

In the above text we provided an average of the best betting bonus Nigeria offers. Ideally, the best offer provides a 100% matched deposit up to ₦100,000. Moreover, it should have minimum odds of 1.40, and a low wagering requirement like 5x or less.

Can I use more than one Bonus?

Usually no, the terms and conditions of each dividend will state if you can have more than one offer active at any given time. In most instances, platforms will allow customers to use one offer at a time. You may be able to use more than one bonus, but not at the same time.

How often will I receive a Bonus?

Welcome offers are given once – when you register a new account. Other offers may be given on a weekly or monthly basis. Furthermore, many sportsbooks provide seasonal offers, or promotions relating to specific events like the football World Cup, for example.

Is there a maximum amount I can bet with when using a Bonus?

If there is a maximum amount, it will be listed clearly in the terms and conditions of the offer. Usually, matched deposits have a maximum value to which the percentage bonus applies. Moreover, any bets placed using dividends usually have a maximum value per bet too.

How long can I wait to use my Sports Betting Bonus?

Usually they are available for a limited timeframe. Bonus funds usually have an expiry time – typically 30 days. Moreover, in most instances you must claim the offer within a set period from registering an account, often 48 hours.

Use our guide and choose the best betting bonus today!

We hope you now have a clear idea of the different sports betting bonus promotions available. Nigerian customers have a great selection of offers to choose from. By using the information, we have provided, you should be able to choose a suitable betting bonus for your needs.

Why not select one of the amazing betting bonus offers we have listed and have some fun today? Using the promotions, you can experiment with some fun new wager types. Furthermore, you can test out the different platforms and see which one you like the best. You could also turn your money into a nice profit if you choose your bets wisely!

Best Betting Site in Test 
  • International Sportsbook
  • Competitive odds
  • Excellent in-play markets
Rating: 99/100

Best BonusHighest Welcome Bonus
1xbet bonus
  • Bonus Code: WELCOME200NG
  • 200% Bonus up to ₦100.000
  • Wager: 5x Deposit + Bonus

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