Best Betting Odds and football odds for 2021

Do you want to place wise wagers and enjoy your sportsbook gambling experience? If so, you can benefit from the below guide and our betting odds comparison tools for Nigerian players.

We appreciate that your money and time are valuable. Also, we know that you don’t want to spend time searching for the best football odds. As a result, we provide an excellent odds comparison service for your benefit. Using our knowledge of the sports betting industry and advanced comparative technology, we do the hard work so that you don’t have to. If you want the best odds for your wagers, read on to find out more about the tools we provide.

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Betting odds comparison for Nigeria

Understanding betting odds

First, you should understand what these tools are. You would expect all sportsbooks to offer exactly the same rates on their bets. They do not, however. This is because each sportsbook bases their rates on their own research and analytical methods. Different methods used may result in different predictions.

As a result, betting odds will vary from platform to platform. You could have 5 different websites, each offering different rates on the exact same bet. This is where odds comparison comes in. These tools show you the best odds so that you can make a quick and easy selection.

Why is comparing betting odds important?

But why should you bother using an odds comparison tool? Whilst many of us gamble for fun, the bottom line is making money. By using an odds comparison tool, you can potentially make more money, and the following benefits:

  • Saves you time searching manually for the best odds
  • Enables you to choose the best value wagers
  • Allows you to see which platforms regularly offer the best odds
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Firstly, you don’t have to waste time checking several website manually to find the wager rates. You can simply use our comparison tool and find the highest option immediately! Secondly, you can pick the best football odds and other sports, and get a higher payout if you win!

Finally, you can also use comparative tools to see which websites regularly offer higher rates – you may then consider registering an account and using these platforms instead of the one you currently use.

How can you choose the best odds?

So how can you select the best betting odds using our website? We have made the process as easy as possible. First, you should fine the sport and event that you wish to place a wager on. Next, find the relative option/odds that you want to place the wager on.

Click on the odds icon and a pop-up box appears – this box details the top sportsbooks that provide bets for your selection. It also ranks the options and shows the best paying option. From here you can easily place your bet and find the best football odds today for example.

Does offer odds comparison for all sportsbooks in Nigeria?

It is important to understand the quality of the services we provide. Unlike some sites, we do not advertise every available sportsbook platform in Nigeria. Remember that not every platform offers quality. Furthermore, remember that some platforms have a poor reputation and may even try to actively scam their customers.

As a result, we have a strict inclusion criterion. Before including any website on our platform we review it, and ensure that it lives up to our self-impose standards.

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Criteria we look at includes:

  • Licensing
  • Security
  • Customer Support
  • Betting odds
  • Customer complaints

These are just some of the things we look at – we have a whole list of requirements. Firstly, a platform must have a valid gambling license from a recognized authority. In addition to this, it must have the latest security technology, and present a full privacy policy relating to how it will protect customer data.

Also, we check that the website has a valid customer support team that is readily available. Ideally, the support team should be contactable 24/7 via a range of methods including either a live chat or telephone line.

Moreover, we look at the sports the site supports, and the average betting odds they provide. This is to ensure consistency. Also, it ensures we only promote platforms that give the best odds for their customers. Finally, we also look at customer reviews and complaints to gain a general idea of how the site operates.

Why should you always compare football odds?

You may wonder why you should bother comparing odds? Why not just place bets with the sportsbook that you have used for years? Surely this site offers the best odds and the different in price is minimal?

These are thoughts that many customers have – but remember this, by not comparing odds, you are essentially saying no to free money! When you think of it in these terms, it becomes clear that using odds comparison services is a no brainer. We have provided two examples of previous live bets to illustrate our point:

Example 1 Betting odds – Arminia Bielefeld vs Dynamo Dresden

betting odds arminia bielefeld desdenThis was a Bundesliga 2 league match between two German teams. Using our site, you could compare odds between four top-rated sportsbooks for Arminia Bielefeld to win:

  • Betfair: 1.48
  • Betway: 1.45
  • NetBet: 1.42
  • Bet365: 1.44

As you can see there is variance in the values. If you placed a bet of ₦10,000 at NetBet and won, you would receive a profit of ₦4,200. Alternatively, if you placed that same bet with Betfair, you would have a profit of ₦4,800!

Example 2 Betting odds – Real Betis vs Granada

betting odds real betus vs granadaThis was a La Liga match and again had varied odds from different providers:

  • Betfair: 2.02
  • Betway: 1.90
  • NetBet: 1.95
  • Bet365: 1.95

If you placed a ₦10,000 bet at Betfair for Real Betis to win, you would gain a tidy profit of ₦10,200, whereas that same bet at Betway would make only ₦9,000 profit!

As you can see, there is no reason NOT to compare odds. If you register with a plethora of the top sportsbook platforms in Nigeria, you can use our betting odds services to find the best deals. Similarly, you can make more profit from your winning bets!

Which sports can you find football odds comparisons for at

We understand that football is one of the most popular sports in the world – this is why we have a huge selection of betting odds for football. However, this is not the only sport we feature.

The sportsbooks we work with showcase a variety of different sports including – basketball, tennis, golf, baseball, MMA, Formula 1, American Football, Ice Hockey, Rugby, and table tennis, fort example. In addition to this, some platforms offer non-sporting bets on subjects like politics, and technology.

Essentially, whatever you want to bet on, you can find an odds comparison at

Are odds comparisons limited to the biggest sports and events?

You may assume that we can only provide the best football odds. Or that we only provide information for the most popular sports and leagues like the EPL, NBA, and Tennis Grand slam tournaments. This is not true!

betway bet on europes biggest leagues win betting odds

Our odds comparison services are not limited to only the most popular sports and markets. We strive to have a diverse range of comparison tools so that you can place bets on whatever sport and competition you want! For example, maybe you are tired of placing bets on Bundesliga games? Instead, you could try a less popular league like the Latvian Virsliga, or the Israelian Ligat HaAI Championship.

Use betting odds comparisons to find new sportsbooks

We understand that it can be difficult to choose a high quality sports betting platform. There is so many different sites to choose from! One great indicator you can use is a platform that consistently offers the best odds.

Why not use our football betting odds service to find new platforms? We only feature licensed platforms that have a great reputation. Therefore, you can check our odds comparison service ad pick out some top websites to register with!

Keep your options open and register at several sportsbooks

Many customers feel that they should be loyal to one specific platform. But why do this? There is no valid reason except the jaded concept of loyalty to stick with one sportsbook.

We advise registering with a handful of different platforms to improve your standing. Afterall, one of the main reasons you place bets on sportsbooks is to win money! By registering at multiple websites, you can use our services to find the best odds and hopefully win more money!

In addition to this, we feature odds from only trusted, legitimate sportsbooks so you can be assured of the quality of the platforms you register at.

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What are “sure bets” and how do betting odds comparisons help?

When using sportsbooks, you may have heard the term “sure bet”. A sure bet is not a bet that is guaranteed to win. A sure bet, is a technical term in which you place bets on both outcomes of a single event to ensure profit.

The sure bet theory has been used for many years and it can be a great way to earn profit. The way that you do it is to place opposing bets on the same outcome but using different odds from two opposing sportsbooks. The difference in the odds is key – you bet in such a way, that regardless of the outcome, you make a small profit.

Using odds comparison tools is a key part of placing sure bets. You can use our tools to analyse the odds on a single sporting event, so that you can place a sure bet.

Should you bet on matches where betting odds are dropping?

You should remember that sports rates do not remain consistent. As time progresses, and the event draws closer, odds will change. It is important to look at the overall trend and see if the rates are declining or increasing.

If you notice a downward spiral within the last 24-hours, this could be an indicator that the value of the wager is gone. In which case, it could be wise to choose a different event. Look at how the rates vary building up to a sporting event, and try to pick the optimum time to place your wager using our comparison tools.

Odds Comparison FAQ

Where can I find the best sportsbook for odds comparison?

Generally, betting odds between different sportsbooks do not vary hugely. There is not one standout platform that performs better than others. However, you can use the services at to find the best football odds and odds on other sports.

What types of odds do you use on

Here at we use the decimal system for quoting bet wagers. Therefore, an odd of ¼ would be written as 1.25. Decimalisation is generally accepted as the worldwide standard for betting wagers.

Where can I find the upcoming football matches for today?

If you want to find the latest football scores and match info, check out our live score page! This page is packed full of the latest football info on current matches from all your favourite leagues and tournaments.

Should I have an account at more than one sportsbook when utilizing odds comparison?

Yes! There is no reason to stick to one sportsbook. If you have an account with several platforms, you can benefit from their promotional offers. Also, you can use our tools to find the best football betting odds and you will have your account ready to place bets on that platform immediately!

Which sportsbook gives the best odds for odds comparison?

In reality, there is not one standout platform. The wager values and fractions do vary, but there is not one site that consistently offers the best odds. This is why using our odds comparison tools is the way forward.