The Ultimate Tennis Betting Guide

tennis icon typyTennis might not be the most popular sport in the world, but it ranks right up there. The sport boasts a dedicated and fast-growing fan base. With professional competition running year round, those who enjoy making tennis predictions have no shortage of betting opportunities.

Sportsbooks also benefit from offering a wide range of tennis wagering options. In fact, billions of dollars are wagered on tennis every year. In the UK, only soccer brings in more business for its bookmakers. Meanwhile, the fledgling American tennis betting market is on an upward trajectory and should grow for years to come.

The Ultimate Tennis Betting Guide will give you plenty of insight into the exciting world of tennis wagering. Find out about major events, what types of bets you can make, and top sportsbooks to make tennis predictions at.

You’ll also pick up a few key pointers to make your tennis predictions more profitable. Tennis is an entertaining sport to watch and follow. It only gets better when you have a bit of cash riding on an outcome.

Best Betting Sites for Making Tennis Predictions

Countless online bookmakers offer all sorts of tennis betting action. There are loads of offshore operators that accept tennis bets from all corners of the globe. Americans in several states are seeing a rapid expansion of licensed online bookmakers.

serena williams venus williams tennis

Grand Slam champions Serena Williams and Venus Williams during their first round doubles match at US Open

You need not look too hard to find a reputable and trustworthy online bookie. However, we have searched far and wide to let you know which sites are best for betting on tennis predictions.

The sites we recommend are licensed and regulated in respectable gambling jurisdictions. This means they are trusted to operate to the highest standards in the industry. They offer a huge variety of tennis betting markets and bet types.

Many of them also offer excellent bonuses and ongoing promotions to help build your tennis betting bankroll. Perhaps even more importantly, they offer great odds and they won’t jerk you around when it’s time to get paid. While there are many highly rated and trustworthy sites to choose from, we have narrowed it down to the five best.


Pinnacle has been around since 1998 and it has established itself as one of the world’s premier sports betting sites. They’ve earned high praise for consistently offering the best odds and highest limits on the widest range of betting markets. They even welcome arbitrage bettors which is a rarity. From the most popular tennis events to the more obscure matches, you will always find tennis predictions action at Pinnacle.

William Hill

The William Hill brand is known and trusted everywhere. This titan of the sports betting industry was founded way back in 1934. While best known for its UK-based operations, William Hill has expanded into several other regions, including the United States. William Hill serves up a full menu of tennis betting options with the most competitive odds. You can place your bets before a match begins or fire away while it’s in progress. Live tennis bettors love the dozens of wagering opportunities that William Hill offers. Get the William Hill app so you can enjoy all this and more while you are on the go.


bet365 logo

Another one of the biggest brand names in online bookmaking, Bet365 has been accepting tennis bets for nearly 20 years. Since going live in 2000, this operator has racked up an impressive number of awards and achievements.

Few bookies offer odds on as many events and tournaments as Bet365. Bet365 even gives you volumes of stats and handicapping tools to make your tennis predictions more profitable. Check out their welcome bonus and ongoing promotions.


Are you interested in putting your tennis predictions to the test but don’t want to risk your own money? Well, 888sport is the bookie for you. Founded in 2008, this high-profile betting site is one of the few respected bookmakers to offer a no-deposit bonus. This gives you a shot at winning real money without really risking any.

Of course, 888sport doesn’t get our endorsement strictly based on this rare bonus. The site has everything you would expect in a top-notch sportsbook. Competitive odds on every major tennis event, regular promotions, and hassle-free withdrawals are just a few of the many benefits.

Which Types of Betting Markets are Available for Tennis?

One of the greatest things about modern online tennis wagering is the amount of choice bettors get. It was much different in the days before online gambling exploded. For starters, not everyone had access to a legal bookie.

Even illegal bookies were often hard to find. If you were lucky enough to find one, many of them didn’t even accept tennis predictions bets. Those who did usually only offered the bare minimum like outright winners and match winners.

Thanks to the proliferation of online tennis betting, people have so many more options available at all times. Some of the most popular tennis competitions and events present bettors with hundreds of possibilities. It’s crucial that you know what each betting market means. It’s impossible to place an informed bet without knowing what you are actually betting on. Let’s look at some of the most popular tennis betting markets.

Tournament Winner

This one is fairly straightforward. Simply put, you can place a wager on the player you believe will win a given tournament. Do you think an odd-on favorite like Rebecca Peterson will conquer the field at the WTA Nanchang? Maybe you’re predictive powers tell you to go with a long shot? Either way, you’re betting on the outright winner.

You can place your bet before the competition gets underway or as the competition progresses and the field narrows. Just remember, the odds change as the field of competitors gets narrower. On the other hand, your chances of picking the winner increase.

tennis betting odds

Tennis betting, find great odds at,

Another option you have at your disposal is placing an “each way” wager. With this type of wager, you are betting on a player to win the competition or finish in second place. It’s like betting on a horse to win or place in a race. If the player you bet on finishes in second place, the bet pays about half of what it would if the player finished first.

Match Winner

As you probably know, tennis tournaments consist of a series of individual matches. Each match is broken down into sets, which are a series of single games. A tennis match can only produce one winner who moves on to the next round. There are a few key questions you should ask yourself when thinking about a match winner bet:

  • How have the players been performing recently?
  • What is the head-to-head record?
  • How do the competitors’ playing styles match up?
  • What type of surface is the match being played on?

A men’s match is usually a best of five sets competition while women’s matches are a best of three. Typically, the first player to win six games wins the set. However, if a set is tied at five games apiece, a player must beat an opponent by two games.

Furthermore, if a set is tied at six games, the tie-break rule comes into effect and the winner of the next game wins the set. Match betting is the most popular type of tennis predictions bet.

Set Winner

As mentioned, men’s matches can have up to five sets, while women’s matches can last up to three sets. The player who notches their sixth game first wins. The aforementioned rules apply when a set is tied at either five games or six games.

Most bookies allow you to bet on who you think will prevail in a given set. In other words, you can bet on a player to win the first, second, or third set and so on. This often represents value for those who want to back an underdog.

Just as you can bet on a player to win a certain number of sets within a match, you can also bet on how many games each or both players win within a set. It’s a lot like betting final scores in other sports like soccer or hockey. These bets normally come with attractive odds attached to them.

Semi/Quarter Finalists

Many tennis bettors like to back underdogs to win tennis tournaments. However, they often shy away due to the seemingly insurmountable odds. This is where semi/quarter finalist tennis betting comes in. The odds on a long shot making the semi or quarter finals won’t be as high as the odds for making the finals or winning it all. Nevertheless, they are usually still appetizing and the chance of winning is much higher.

For example, Alexander Zverev could pique your interest because he’s been on a recent roll. The problem is that Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic are also rolling and look like obvious candidates to meet in the finals. Why not place a bet on Zverev to make the semi or quarter finals? You’re still going to get good odds and an increased probability of winning your wager.

First Break of Serve

The player who serves the ball has a distinct advantage. That player essentially puts the opponent on the defensive. It is critical for players to hold serve, which means they win the games they are serving.

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On the flip side, breaking an opponent’s serve is equally important. Breaking serve happens when a receiving player wins a game. Winning a set is a tall order if your opponent breaks even one serve. One type of tennis bet you can make is wagering on who will be the first to break their opponent’s serve.

Tiebreak in Match

Professional baseball, hockey, soccer, and basketball games cannot finish in a tie. Neither can tennis matches. Tennis tie breaks are akin to extra innings, overtime, or a shootout. The tie break rules kick in if a set is tied at six games.

In brief, the players alternate serves and the scoring system is different. Instead of 15, 30, 40, and deuce, a single points point is awarded for a winning rally. The first one to reach seven points wins the game, and therefore the set. If the tie break is knotted at 6 points, play continues until one player achieves a two-point advantage.

The more disparity there is between players, the higher the odds of a tie break occurring are. This is reflected in the odds when you bet on a tie break happening in a tennis match. A tie break is more likely to occur in a match between two evenly skilled players. Well, on paper anyway. This particular bet can often present bettors with a lot of value.

Exact Set/Match Score

So, you think you can make precise tennis predictions? If you can, tennis betting on set and match scores could make you a lot of dough. Tennis betting on exact scores is popular in many sports. In tennis wagering, bettors can bet on the exact scores of individual sets or the entire match. These types of bets usually offer high odds compared to other bets.


If you don’t have faith in either side winning a match or simply don’t care, tennis betting on totals is a fun and hopefully profitable alternative. You are essentially tennis betting on a set to go over or under a certain number. Let’s say your bookmaker has posted the Over/Under of the first set of a match at 9.5. If you bet on the Under, the set would need to be completed in nine games or less.

A winning bet on the Over requires the set to extend to no fewer than 10 games. It doesn’t matter who wins. The only thing that matters is the number of games it takes to determine the winner. Alternatively, you can bet on the total games in a match.

Unusual Bet Types

Bookmakers often go beyond the above-mentioned bet types by offering unique proposition bets. You might find something like “Venus Williams to Win a Set” or “Either Player to Lose First Set and Win the Match”. The possibilities for the types of bets a sportsbook can offer are nearly endless. Naturally, the more bets a bookie offers, the better your chances of finding the right bet.

Handicap Betting

Also called spread betting, handicap betting gives a lopsided match a lot more parity by building in a winning or losing margin. If Roger Federer was playing a match with some lowly ranked scrub, the odds on Federer would likely be so low that it wouldn’t really be worth the bet. If only there was a way to bet on Federer for better odds. Well, you can.

By handicap betting, you could wager on Federer for close to even money. The only catch? He would need to win the match by a certain number of games. If the spread was Federer (-6.5), you would need Roger to win the match by at least seven games.

Handicap betting also makes underdogs more appealing. That scrub player might not stand a chance against Federer but you might think there’s a good chance of him keeping closer than the -6.5 game handicap. Handicap betting works both ways.


Known in some circles as accumulators, parlays are a series of bets that are placed on the same ticket. Each and every prediction must be correct in order to win. The upside to parlay betting is the increased odds. The odds of each prediction are multiplied together to give you a significantly higher potential payout.

Many tennis bettors have won substantial sums of money by betting parlays. Of course, there is a downside. Higher odds obviously equate to a lower probability of winning. Remember, it takes just one incorrect prediction to spoil a parlay.

Many online bookmakers offer “Acca Insurance”. In a nutshell, acca insurance salvages your parlay if you miss one of your predictions. Some sites even offer Parlay Boosts which enhance the payouts of winning parlay tickets. Be sure to take advantage of any edge you can get.

Cash Out Feature

Have you ever experienced the agony of seeing a promising wager go down the tubes because the player you bet on collapsed in the latter stages of a match? It’s like a kick to the nether regions. Fortunately, modern online bookmakers are making the “Cash Out” feature a standard offering. If the player you bet on is winning the match, you can cash out the bet and guarantee yourself a profit. This is quite handy when your player is ahead but showing signs of falling apart.

Which Tournaments are the Biggest and Most Prestigious in Tennis?

All professional sports have their marquee events. The NFL has the Super Bowl, MLB has the World Series, and the NHL has the Stanley Cup. Then there is tennis which hosts several prestigious tournaments and events throughout the year. No matter what time of year it is, a major tennis event is in progress or just around the corner. Let’s fill you in on a few of the most notable tennis competitions.

US Open

The US Open is one of the most prestigious and well-known tennis tournaments. It is the last Grand Slam of the year following the Australian Open, French Open, and Wimbledon. The first US Open was played way back in 1881and feature men’s singles and men’s doubles. The US Open now consists of:

  • Men’s Singles
  • Men’s Doubles
  • Women’s Singles
  • Women’s Doubles
  • Mixed Doubles
us open rafael nadal

Rafael Nadal in action during his US Open 2017 first round match | Leonard Zhukovsky /

The US Open is played on the hard court at Billie Jean King National Tennis Center at Flushing Meadows in New York. The US Open commences on the last Monday in August and runs for two weeks.

In 2019, the US Open attracted a whopping 737,872 spectators who watched stars like Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer, Serena Williams, and Venus Williams compete for a piece of the $53 million prize pool. In the end, Canadian Bianca Andreescu defeated Serena Williams to win the Women’s Singles title. Rafael Nadal prevailed on the men’s side by defeating Daniil Medvedev.

2019 US Open Tournament Winner tennis betting

Before the 2019 US Open got underway, Novak Djokovic was a +110 favorite to win it all. He was on quite a roll winning four of the previous five Grand Slam events including the 2018 US Open. However, it was those who bet on Rafael Nadal at +325 to win the competition who cashed in their bets.

Serena Williams was the favorite on the women’s side. She was listed at +350 to win it all. While she made into the finals, she was outclassed by Andreescu who, at +1400, gave her backers a nice payday.

2019 US Open Match Tennis Betting Highlights

There was no shortage of marquee matchups in 2019. One of the more exciting matches featured the 18th seeded Qiang Wang taking on the second-seeded Ashleigh Barty. Barty committed a staggering 39 unforced errors on her way to a stunning defeat.

Other notable upsets included Andrey Rublev over Stefanos Tsitsipas, Taylor Townsend over Simona Halep, and Grigor Dimitrov over Roger Federer. The US open always sees its fair share of upsets and is a great event for underdog bettors.

2019 US Open Handicap Betting Highlights

Number one ranked Naomi Osaka looked like a lock to dispose of the 13th ranked Belinda Bencic when the two met in Round 16. Sharp tennis bettors were aware of Bencic’s pair of recent victories over Osaka making her an attractive underdog spread bet. Bencic didn’t just beat the spread; she won the match outright. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for future matchups between these two. Bencic appears to have the top seed’s number.

2019 US Open Set Total Highlights

It seems that total bettors prefer wagering on Overs in most sports. There were plenty of excellent opportunities for Over bettors at the 2019 US Open. One such opportunity reared its head in the Men’s Singles Finals between Rafael Nadal and Daniil Medvedev. It took a total of 53 games Nadal to get the job done. It took a near-minimum 13 games out of a possible 39 games for Serena Williams to end Wang Qiang’s Cinderella run. The lopsided victory’s Under result was never in question.


First played in 1877, Wimbledon is the oldest, and probably the most prestigious tennis tournament in the world. For the past 142 years, the best players have convened at Wimbledon’s All England Club in London. Wimbledon gets underway in the first week in July and it runs for two weeks. This event is steeped in tradition.

For starters, Wimbledon is the only major competition played on grass. Players must dress in white and, with the exception of a Rolex advertisement, there are no courtside sponsorship advertisements. Spectators who want to indulge in something sweet traditionally go for the famous strawberries and cream. 33 tons of strawberries and 10,000 liters of cream were gulped down during Wimbledon 2017.

wimbledon tennis

Wimbledon |

The current ‘Gentleman’s Champion’ is Novak Djokovic. His 2019 win over Roger Federer in the finals notched his 5th Wimbledon title. Don’t feel too bad for Federer, the Swiss sensation has won it eight times. Djokovic has defeated Federer in each of their three Wimbledon Gentleman’s Finals meetings. Djokovic will be a solid winner bet in 2020.

In 2019, Simona Halep topped Serena Williams in the Ladies’ Singles Finals to tally her first Wimbledon title. For her part, Serena has captured 7 Wimbledon titles and has appeared in 11 finals. Martina Navratilova hold the record for most titles in the Open Era with nine. She won six straight between 1982 and 1987. Having appeared in four of the past five finals, Serena Williams remains a good bet to win the competition despite her advancing age.

2019 Wimbledon Tournament Winner Tennis Betting

Seeing how well Novak Djokovic had been playing going into Wimbledon, it wasn’t too surprising to see him listed as a +135 favorite to win it all. Roger Federer (+300) and Rafael Nadal (+550) also garnered a lot of betting action. At +2500, Felix Auger Aliassime was one of the more popular long shots.

Unfortunately for his backers, the Canadian went down in straight sets to Ugo Humbert. Even if he’d won that match, he would have had to face a red-hot Novak Djokovic in his next match. Speaking of Djokovic, he took the honors after prevailing in a thrilling match with Roger Federer.

Both Serena Williams and Simona Halep drew loads of betting action throughout the competition. It was fitting that the two would face off in the Ladies’ Finals. Sharps who watched the 2019 Wimbledon would have seen how Halep was largely dominating opponents while Williams struggled at times.

Williams had convincingly won the previous five meetings between the two and, as a -184 favorite, she looked like she was on her way to a sixth straight win. Those who went with the +156 odds on Halep correctly though otherwise.

2019 Wimbledon Match Tennis Betting Highlights

Being such an old tournament, Wimbledon has produced many historic upsets. One such upset took place in the 2004 Ladies’ Finals when a heavily favored Serena Williams took on a relatively unknown Maria Sharapova. It wasn’t even close. Sharapova won in straight sets to become the third-youngest lady to win Wimbledon.

One of Wimbledon’s biggest upsets in 2019 involved the number-one ranked Ashleigh Barty and Alison Riske who ranked 55th. Riske, a 6-1 underdog, dropped the first set 6-3 but rallied to take the next two sets sending her smiling backers to the cashier’s window. Barty went on to lose to another big dog at the US Open, making her an interesting match bet fade in future competitions.

2019 Wimbledon Handicap Tennis Betting Highlights

France’s Lucas Pouille went on a nice run before running into a heavily favored Roger Federer in the third round. Many Pouille backers were hesitant to pull the trigger, even with Pouille listed at around +800.

Instead, they asked themselves whether the big dog could keep it within the 7.5 game spread. Those who had confidence were rewarded as Pouille fought hard and lost the match by 7 games. This goes to show how you can win a tennis bet even if your player loses the match.

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Also of note was the third round matchup between Hubert Hurkacz and Novak Djokovic. For many Hurkacz backers, the question wasn’t if Hurkacz could win as a +2000 underdog. Rather, could Hurkacz keep it within the 9.5 game spread. That’s a big number to cover. By keeping the first set close and winning the second, Hurkacz covered the number and sent his fans home happy.

2019 Wimbledon Set Total Highlights

Let’s refer once again to the third round match involving Hubert Hurkacz and Novak Djokovic. Those who bet on the match going longer than 3.5 sets were thrilled. In order for a men’s match to eclipse 3.5 sets, both players need to win at least one set. At +310, this was a good possibility, considering the run Hurkacz was on at the time. The match indeed edged past the 3.5 set total giving a nice payout to those who had the nerve to bet on it.

A lot of people expect a match to go the distance when two evenly matched tennis players face off. While this isn’t always the case, it was in a third round battle between Daniil Medvedev and David Goffin. The odds of the match going the maximum 5 games were a juicy +215 while the game total of 42.5 was listed at +110. As many expected, the match needed 5 sets and a total of 48 games to decide the winner. The moral of the story? Keep your eyes on those even matches.

The French Open

Championnats Internationaux de France, better known as the French Open, is the second annual Grand Slam of the year. Traditionally, the French Open begins in late May and it’s held at Paris’ Stade Roland-Garros.

It’s the only Grand Slam played on a clay surface. The tournament lasts a grueling seven rounds and there is no tie-breaker rule in effect in the final set. Because of this, many in the tennis world consider the French Open as the most physically demanding tennis event on earth.

french open tennis

French Open | Leonard Zhukovsky /

Rafael Nadal holds the most French Open titles with twelve. His 5 straight titles between 2010 and 2014 is also a record for the Open Era. Nadal hopes to match or exceed that record streak after winning the last three French Opens in a row. Incredibly, Nadal has won the French Open in 12 of the last 15 years. You might want to place a bet on him to win the next French Open.

Before she collapsed at both Wimbledon and the US Open, Ashleigh Barty captured glory with a convincing win over Marketa Vondrousova in the 2019 French Open Women’s Finals. Chris Evert won the most French Open Women’s titles in the Open Era with seven while Steffi Graf did it six times. Since 2000, Justine Henin is the only player to win consecutive titles. You might want to think twice about betting on Ashleigh Barty to repeat in 2020.

2019 French Open Tournament Winner Tennis Betting

Entering the 2019 French Open, there were no clear favorites on the women’s side. Simona Halep was listed at +400 to win her second French Open title in a row while Kiki Bertens was set at +800. Several others including Serena Williams were listed at over +1000. However, it was Ashleigh Barty who ended up winning and paying out a handsome +2000.

Considering Rafael Nadal’s domination on the clay court in recent years, it was no surprise to see him listed as the favorite at +105. Novak Djokovic was close behind at +225 while Dominic Thiem was +550. The rest of the field were either long shots or longer shots.

At +2000, Roger Federer drew plenty of betting action despite his less than stellar record in Paris. While he has been in the French Open Finals five times, he has just one title to show for it. Tip: Bet on Federer again next year.

2019 French Open Match Tennis Betting Highlights

The 2019 French Open was dominated by favorites. Those who like betting underdogs were left with a sour taste in their mouths. That is, unless their only bet was on Antoine Hoang in the second round. Listed as a big dog at +511, Hoang took it to Fernando Verdasco and won in four close sets.

In ladies action, Katerina Siniakova stunned those at Roland-Garros when she dismantled a heavily favored Naomi Osaka. The world’s top-ranked female player’s hopes of clinching a third straight Grand Slam title were marred by sloppy play including 38 unforced errors. Playing on a clay surface is much different than playing on any other surface.

2019 French Open Handicap Tennis Betting Highlights

Just because favorites were winning most of their matches doesn’t mean they were covering spreads. As an overwhelming -10000 favorite, Dominic Thiem was expected to roll over Alexander Bublic in the second round. However, the spread was -9.5 games. Bublic lost the match but cashed bets for those who backed him against the spread. He lost by just seven games.

A similar scenario unfolded in a third-round match between the heavily favored Stefanos Tsitsipas and Filip Krajinovic. Could the Serbian keep within 5.5 games Tsitsipas? The +352 odds suggested he likely wouldn’t, but anything can happen in tennis.

The match was extremely close and Tsitsipas walked away with a narrow 3-2 win. The good news for those who backed Krajinovic against the spread was the margin of victory was 5 games. Cash in those bets and keep looking for those great handicap betting opportunities.

2019 French Open Set Total Highlights

Remember what you learned about betting on set totals when two evenly matched players go head to head? This was once again illustrated at the French Open. In the men’s semifinals, Novak Djokovic (+120) went up against Dominic Thiem (-135).

Bookmakers placed the Over/Under at 4.5 sets and priced it close to even money. They also posted the Over 45.5 games at +204. According to plan, the match went the distance and involved 53 games sending Over bettors to the cashier’s window.

It’s worth mentioning that between May 30th and the end of June 9th, there were seven matches featuring a favorite of -3000 or higher. Five of those contests were won by the favorites in straight sets while the favorites won the other two matches by a score of 3-1. The point being, big faves are a good bet to get the job done quickly on the clay surface.

The Australian Open

The Australian Open’s history goes back to 1905 when it was first played as the Australasian championships. The Australian Open, which is now the most yearly sports event in the Southern Hemisphere, draws the biggest crowds of all Grand Slam Events. Players compete on the hard surfaces of the Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne Arena, and Margaret Court Arena. The Australian Open awarded a total of $62,500,000 in prize money in 2019. Close to 800,000 spectators took in the action.

Either Novak Djokovic or Roger Federer has won the men’s title in 13 of the past 16 years. Rafael Nadal, Stan Wawrinka, and Marat Safin won the others. In 2019, Djokovic broke Roger Federer’s two-year reign. With his most recent Australian Open men’s title, Djokovic now has seven which is the most in the Open Era.

australian open tennis

Australian Open | Neale Cousland /

Serena Williams has had a lot of success at this event over the years. Including her first title in 2003, the ladies legend has earned an Open Era record seven titles. Naomi Osaka won the title in 2019 with a narrow victory over Petra Kvitova in the finals. Other recent Australian Open notables include Victoria Azarenka and Caroline Wozniacki.

2019 Australian Open Tournament Winner Tennis Betting

It was the usual list of suspects entering the 2019 Australian Open on the men’s side. Novak Djokovic was the clear favorite followed by Nadal, Federer, and Medvedev. Federer got bounced in the fourth round by Stefanos Tsitsipas while both Nadal and Medvedev fell to the red-hot Djokovic. Favorite in the men’s division of Grand slam have a pretty good track record of late.

The favorites on the women’s side were Serena Williams, Bianca Andreescu, Naomi Osaka, and Simona Halep. Serena made her exit after being upset by Karolina Pliskova in the quarterfinals. Andreescu and Halep didn’t make it out of the fourth round, leaving Osaka as the remaining favorite.

Those who took their chances on her at +1000 were relieved when she clawed her way to victory against Petra Kvitova in the finals. Once again, a woman’s Grand Slam event winner pays out at least 10-1.

2019 Australian Open Match Tennis Betting Highlights

Favorites won the vast majority of their matches at the Australian Open, but a few dogs delivered some savage bites. Remember the name Lucas Pouille? Well, you can bet that Milos Raonic and Borna Coric do. As a +288 underdog, Pouille took it to the 11th seeded Coric in one of the more closely contested matches of the 2019 Australian Open. The win sent Pouille to the quarterfinals where he defeated Raonic as a +470 underdog. Unfortunately, he ran into that Djokovic guy in the semis.

Perhaps Roger Federer’s success at the Australian Open was one of the reasons he was so heavily favored against Stefanos Tsitsipas in the fourth round. Sure, as the third-ranked men’s player, he certainly deserved to be favored against the number 14 seed. But -625? Yikes!! The +447 on Tsitsipas certainly had a lot of value. Especially when it cashed in after Federer dropped three of four sets. Never be afraid to bet against overinflated odds.

2019 Australian Open Handicap Tennis Betting Highlights

In what should have been one of the most lopsided matches of the Australian open, Alex de Minaur was a -2000 favorite over Henri Laaksonen. To the surprise of many, Laaksonen hung in there for five sets. He ultimately lost but he easily covered the 7.5 spread.

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Does this mean always take dogs against the spread? Absolutely not. Just look at Novak Djokovic’s record at the Australian Open in 2019. He won a total of 15 sets and dropped just 2. He’s a solid spread bet at that pace.

2019 Australian Open Set Total Highlights

While Novak Djokovic was busy cashing in Unders for set total bettors, so was Rafael Nadal. He won each of his first six matches in straight sets. He then proceeded to lose in straights sets in the finals. He won efficiently, and he even lost efficiently.

Stefanos Tsitsipas is another guy to keep an eye on at next year’s Australian Open. But it’s for other reasons. He’s got a good track record for eclipsing game totals. He’s also got the knack for needing a seventh game to nail down a set.

ATP Tour

The ATP Tour runs throughout the year and consists of a series of competition through which players earn ranking points. The tournaments that make up the ATP Tour are:

  • The Australian Open
  • The French Open
  • Wimbledon
  • The US Open
  • ATP Tour Masters 1000
  • ATP Tour 500
  • ATP Tour 250
  • Davis Cup
  • ATP Finals

The ATP World Tour also includes the Hopman Cup, Laver Cup, and the Next Gen ATP Finals. However, players do not earn ranking points at these events.

Brief History

Established in 1972, the Association of Tennis Professionals, or ATP, is one of men’s professional tennis’ main governing bodies. It was originally formed with the aim of protecting the interests of professional players.

roger federer tennis betting

Roger Federer playing against Belgium’s David Goffin during the Semi Final Nitto ATP Finals | PROMA1 /

The ATP Tour launched in 1990. It was originally a series of 19 competition, but that number has since expanded. Those who participate in these ATP events earn points that contribute to the world rankings. The rankings also determine how players are seeded in ATP Tour.

The ATP Finals are held every November in London, although the venue is moving to Turin starting in 2021. The top eight men’s singles and doubles compete on the hard surface with the winner earning ATP points and up to $2,712,000 in cash.

Ranking Points

The computer ranking system was unveiled in 1973, and it is still the standard today. Players earn ranking points when they compete in ATP World Tour events. The number of points depends on how deep into a tournament a player goes. The rankings are based on how many points a player has earned in the previous 52 weeks.

Format for Point Distribution in Major Tournaments

Grand Slam Event
Finish Points Awarded
Winner 2,000
Runner-Up 1,200
Semifinalist 720
Quarterfinalist 360
Fourth Round 180
Third Round 90
Second Round 45
Participant 10


Masters 1000 Events
Finish Points Awarded
Winner 1,000
Runner-Up 600
Semifinalist 360
Quarterfinalist 180
Fourth Round 90
Third Round 45
Second Round 10


500 Series
Finish Points Awarded
Winner 500
Runner-Up 300
Semifinalist 180
Quarterfinalist 90
Fourth Round 45
Third Round 20


250 Series
Finish Points Awarded
Winner 250
Runner-Up 150
Semifinalist 90
Quarterfinalist 45
Fourth Round 20
Third Round 5


Tennis Betting on ATP World Tour

Because the ATP Tour runs throughout the year, tennis bettors have an abundance of betting opportunities almost every week. We’re talking about nearly 70 tournaments per year!! We’ve already covered the types of tennis bets you can make. You can make your wagers on the next ATP Tour or place a bet on an event happening a few months down the road. You can even bet on tournaments and individual matches while they are in progress.

WTA Tour

The WTA Tour runs throughout the year and is a series of tournaments through which players earn ranking points. The ones that make up the WTA Tour schedule are:

  • Australian Open
  • French Open
  • Wimbledon
  • WTA Tour Championships
  • WTA 125K Series
  • Premier Tournaments (A series of 20 WTA)
  • International Tournaments (A series of 32 WTA)

Brief History

The WTA is the main governing body for women’s professional tennis. It was created by Billie Jean King in 1973 and its purpose is to protect the interests of female professional tennis players. In 2018, WTA Tour events took place in 30 countries. Since its inception, WTA membership has grown to over 2,500 from about 100 countries. These women vie for about $146 million in prize money.

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Just as it is in the ATP, players who compete in WTA events earn points that contribute to their overall world ranking and determine seedings in WTA. The season runs throughout the year and culminates with WTA Tour Championships.

Ranking Points

WTA rankings are determined by the number of points a player has earned in the previous 52 weeks. The number of points a player earns depends on the competition and how far the player advances.

Format for Point Distribution at Major WTA


Grand Slam Event
Finish Points Awarded
Winner 2,000
Runner-Up 1,300
Semifinalist 780
Quarterfinalist 430
Fourth Round 240
Third Round 130
Second Round 70
Participant 10



WTA  Premier Mandatory
Finish Points Awarded
Winner 1,000
Runner-Up 650
Semifinalist 390
Quarterfinalist 215
Fourth Round 120
Third Round 65
Second Round 35
First Round 10


WTA Premier 5
Finish Points Awarded
Winner 900
Runner-Up 585
Semifinalist 190
Quarterfinalist 105
Fourth Round 60
Third Round 1


WTA International
Finish Points Awarded
Winner 280
Runner-Up 180
Semifinalist 110
Quarterfinalist 60
Fourth Round 30
Third Round 1

Tennis Betting On WTA Tour

Those who enjoy making tennis predictions on WTA events can get a jump start by placing their bets on tournament winners well ahead of time. Futures bettors often find hidden gems that offer plenty of value. Once the WTA  releases the schedule for the opening round, the bookmakers release their odds and the heavy betting action begins. This gives tennis bettors more than enough time to shop around for the best available odds.

The wagers continue pouring in after the competition gets underway and the field narrows. Whether you want to stick with pre-match bets, or indulge in live betting, WTA events offer more options than you could imagine.

Olympic Tennis

Tennis was first introduced at the Summer Olympic Games 1896. However, the International Lawn Tennis Federation and the International Olympic Committee couldn’t agree on the definition of “amateur” players and the sport was dropped in 1924. It made its return to the Summer Olympics in 1988 and is now an official Summer Olympic sport that’s open to players of all ages and statuses.

Olympic tennis Novak dokovic

Novak Djokovic in action during men’s singles first round match of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games | Leonard Zhukovsky /

Tennis is sure to draw millions of viewers when it is featured at the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics. Tokyo won the honor of hosting the 2020 games back in 2013. The games will begin on July 24 and run through August 9th. The tennis tournament takes place at Ariake Coliseum which holds a capacity crowd of 20,000.

2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics Tennis Tournament Format

The format for the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics tennis tournament is single-elimination. The singles’ bracket will have six rounds, while the doubles bracket will have five rounds. Winners of the semifinal round compete for gold while the losing semi-finalists battle it out for bronze. The matches will be decided in a best of three sets format with the exception of the men’s final, which is a best of five. Standard tie-break rules apply.

Past Medalists

The Summer Olympics has seen its share of talented players since making its return to the regular schedule. In recent years, Great Britain’s Andy Murray has been the big story. Murray won gold in the 2012 Summer Olympics and then repeated in Rio in 2016.

No other singles men’s or women’s Olympic tennis player has ever won consecutive gold medals. Rafael Nadal won gold in 2008 while Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic have also earned medals. These players are definitely contenders in 2020.

Monica Puig became the first Puerto Rican to win an Olympic gold medal when she outplayed the women’s field in 2016. Venus and Serena Williams have both captured gold as has Justine Henin. Jennifer Capriati, Steffi Graf, and Lindsay Davenport are other notable gold medalists.


56 men and 56 women qualify to compete for gold in Tokyo. Players must meet certain requirements related to participation in the Fed Cup or Davis Cup. However, world rankings also play a major role. An additional eight slots are allocated to others, such as previous medal winners and an extra player from the host country.

How to Bet on the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics Tennis Tournament

tennis icon women playerJust because most bookmakers aren’t offering odds on Olympic tennis yet doesn’t mean it’s not too early to examine the possibilities. Savvy bettors need to knowthat the tennis matches will be played on a hard surface. Based on their successes on the hard court, guys like Djokovic, Nadal, Medvedev, and Federer should contend.

With his recent injuries, surgeries, and free fall in the rankings, Andy Murray would make for a 2020 Tokyo Olympics Cinderella story. On the women’s side, Serena Williams, Simon Halep, Naomi Osaka, and 2019 US Open Women’s champ Bianca Andreescu should attract some attention.

It’s important to follow the progress of these players in the months leading up to the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics. While competition victories have a lot of weight, bettors should take a closer look at consistency. Just as players heat up and go on rolls, they also cool off and slump. You want to bet on the ones on upward trajectories.

Once the seedings are set and the schedule comes out, be sure to examine the brackets. This way you can work on predicting possible matchups and the paths players might take. Remember to analyze playing styles and how players perform on the hard surface. Look at past head-to-head results and don’t be afraid to pull the trigger on a long shot if you can honestly justify it. Whatever you do, don’t go crazy by betting on every match. Narrow your focus and look for value.

Davis Cup

The Davis Cup is an annual International Tennis Federation men’s tournament. It started in 1900 and was originally a challenge event involving Great Britain and the US. The Davis Cup has since grown into a major event that has featured teams from 135 countries.

Brief History

The Davis Cup is believed to be the brainchild of James Dwight, who was the first president of the US National Lawn Tennis Association. He thought that playing against famous British champions would be a good way to develop American talent. Within a few years of the inaugural event, which at the time was called the International Lawn Tennis Challenge, several other countries joined the competition. As of 2019, the Davis Cup is an 18-team event that is held at the end of the tennis season.

Davis Cup Format

The Davis Cup is a team competition that is contested by the top 16 national teams. Nations that don’t qualify for the prestigious World Group play in in regional competitions. The Davis Cup is an elimination that takes place over four weekends. The teams play best of five matches but there’s a twist. Of the five matches, four of them are singles competitions while the fifth is a doubles match.

The World Group teams are seeded according to the ITF’s ranking system. However, the top two seeds are always the defending champions and the runner-up. As mentioned, those who don’t qualify for the World Group are assigned to one of the three regional zones which are:

  • Americas
  • Asia/Oceania
  • Europe/Africa

Each regional zone is split into four divisions. Teams in division 1 and 2 compete in elimination rounds while group 3 and 4 play a round robin. Teams who win can be promoted to the next level while losers face demotion to lower levels.

How to Bet on the Davis Cup

Tennis betting on the Davis Cup is no different from betting on any other tennis tournament. You can bet on a team to win the tournament or on individual matches. As an aside, the top two seeds are automatically assigned based on their performance in the previous Davis Cup. A lot can change in a year and some top seeds are vulnerable. Be sure to stay abreast of individual players’ recent performances and consider the playing surface. Your approach to tennis predictions on the Davis Cup should be the same as your approach to any other tennis competition.

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Fed Cup

The Fed Cup is the women’s equivalent of the Davis Cup. It was called the Federation Cup prior to 1995. In terms of participating nations, the Fed Cup is the largest international team sports event for women.

Brief History

Like the Davis Cup, the Fed Cup started out as an idea for a competition between the US and Great Britain. Despite the idea being hatched in 1919, the first tournament didn’t happen until 1963. The inaugural event drew teams from 16 countries and marked the 50th anniversary of the International Tennis Federation. There was no prize money and teams had to pay their own expenses. Over half a century later, the Fed Cup is a premier event that draws massive audiences from all over the world.

Fed Cup Format

Even though dozens of nations enter the Fed Cup every year, the World Group and the World Group II feature only eight teams each. In World Group competition, the four first-round winners secure a spot in the World Group for the following year.

The four first-round losing teams play off against the four first-round winners of World Group II in a relegation/promotion format. Likewise, the four first-round losers in World Group II play off against zonal winners.

How to Bet on the Fed Cup

Tennis betting on the Fed Cup requires the same strategies as betting on any other tennis event. Recent individual performances, matchup histories, and playing surfaces must all be taken into account. Of course, the team roster is a huge factor. Since 2011, the Czech Republic has won six of eight titles making them a good bet in the near future. The United States took the honors in 2017 and finished second in 2018 which makes them look like a solid bet as well.

What Kind of Match Types are There in Tennis

There are five basic match types in tennis. From a betting standpoint, each match type has certain characteristics, dynamics, and subtleties that should always be acknowledged if you are going to win at tennis betting.

Men’s Singles

The name sums it up. Men’s singles competitions involve two men going head-to-head. Many men have dominated the game since the dawn of the Open Era in 1968. Jimmy Conners, John McEnroe, Bjorn Borg, and Andre Agassi are just some of the famous names from the past 50 years. However, some of the most successful men’s singles players of modern times are still active and winning on a regular basis.

Novak Djokovic

32-year-old Novak Djokovic is the ATP’s top-ranked player as we close out 2019. The Serbian sensation has been tearing it up since turning pro in 2003. Djokovic owns 75 career titles including 7 Australian Open titles, five Wimbledon titles, three US Open titles, and a French Open Title. Some of his most exciting matches have come against rival Rafael Nadal who he has played 54 times. Djokovic has gotten the better of Nadal on the hard surface while Nadal has dominated on clay.

Novak dokovic tennis

Novak Djokovic of Serbia in action during his 2018 US Open quarter-final match | Leonard Zhukovsky /

He has also gone up against Roger Federer 48 times winning 26 of those matches. Novak is known as an aggressive all-court player. He possesses one of the best backhands superior agility, and the ability to defend against even the most powerful serves.

Rafael Nadal

Nadal, who is currently ranked number two in the world, has been a force to reckon with since he came onto the tennis scene as a pro in 2001. The 33-year-old Spaniard has won over $115 million in prize money and has 84 titles to his mane. With a career record of 966-196, Nadal is a master on the clay. In fact, he has the highest winning percentage on clay in Grand Slam events and has dominated the French Open for the past several years. Looking to blindly bet the French Open winner? Nadal’s your man!!

Roger Federer

At 38, Roger Federer is in the twilight of his career but he still has plenty left in the tank. Currently ranked number three, the Swiss phenom has won a whopping 102 titles including the 2018 Australian Open. Roger is quick on his feet and makes the toughest shots look easy. On top of his many titles and career earnings topping $126 million, Federer has won the Sportsmanship Award 13 times. Who says good guys never win?

Federer excels on grass and hard courts. He has won 8 Wimbledon titles, five US Opens, and six Australian Opens. He hasn’t had the same amount of success on clay but he managed to win the French Open in 2009. His biggest rival, Rafael Nadal, has beaten Federer 24 times out of 40. On clay, that series is 14-2 in favor of Nadal.

Daniil Medvedev

Ranked number four in the world, Daniil Medvedev is someone you should become familiar with. At 23, the Russian has made a quick impact on the tennis world. He already has five titles and he is a serious threat to win a Grand Slam event in 2020.

Women’s Singles

The tennis world has been blessed with some spectacular women’s tennis players over the past several decades. Evonne Goolagong, Chris Evert, and, of course, Billie Jean King have been inspirations for many of today’s top players. Let’s not forget about Martina Navratilova, Margaret Court, and Steffi Graf. The women’s singles field of today is filled to the brim with talent.

Ashleigh Barty

At just 23 years of age, Ashleigh Barty finds herself atop the WTA rankings. Winning the 2019 French Open certainly helped her reach the pinnacle, but she has 9 other titles too. The young Australian has shown she can compete with the best, but she’s been dogged by flashes of inconsistency. Still, she is a serious threat to win any competition she enters.

Karolina Pliskova

Since turning pro in 2009, Karolina Pliskova has racked up over $17 million in prize money and 24 career titles. While she has yet to win a Grand Slam event, she always looks like she is on the verge. The aggressive Czech had a productive 2019 and bettors should give her a lot of consideration heading into the 2020 season.

Serena Williams

Perhaps one of the most influential women’s tennis players of all time, Serena Williams has made over $92 million in her career. In terms of money made, that puts her in first place while her 72 WTA titles is the 5th most in history. She has 7 Australian Open championships, 7 Wimbledon titles, 6 US Open titles, and three French Open titles. At 37, Serena keeps on ticking and is currently ranked number 8 in the world. She’s still a solid bet no matter what event she’s competing in.

Serena williams tennis

Serena Williams reacts during 3rd round match against Bethanie Mattek-Sands at US Open Championship | lev radin /

Men’s Doubles

It’s one thing to succeed in singles events. It’s another thing to play with a partner. We often think of tennis as a one-on-one match, but there have been plenty of memorable men’s doubles combos over the years. Let’s look at the players you’d want to have as partners.

The Bryan Brothers

Bob and Mike Bryan might be the most formidable men’s doubles players ever. As a tandem, they have 12 Grand Slam titles to their names. They almost took all four events in 2013 but couldn’t win the US Open. Mike has a staggering 123 doubles titles while Bob has 118.They are still competing at the age of 41.

The Murray Brothers

Andy Murray was a powerhouse in men’s singles but he, along with his brother Jamie, also dominated as a team. The pair had a number of triumphs, but leading Great Britain to a Davis Cup title in 2015 was among the most notable. It was Great Britain’s first Davis Cup victory in 77 years.

Federer and Wawrinka

Roger Federer? Yeah, he’s pretty good. Stan Wawrinka? Yup. He’s good too. Put them together and you have one of the best doubles teams in history. The two might not be best friends off the court but they make beautiful music together when they’re on it. Their gold medal at the 2008 Olympics was their opus.

Roger Federer tennis

Roger Federer of Switzerland in a practice sessionat the 2013 Australian Open in Melbourne | Neale Cousland /

Women’s Doubles

There have also been some very memorable women’s tandems over the years.

Martina Navratilova and Pam Shriver

Martina Navratalova found plenty of success with several partners, but it was something special when she got together with Pam Shriver. The dynamic duo was virtually unstoppable in the early 1980s. They dominated Wimbledon and the Australian Open in 1981 and then went on to win five majors over the next two years. In all, the pair teamed up in 104 tournaments and won 79 of them.

Williams Sisters

As individual players, Venus and Serena Williams have won more than their fair share of titles. As a tandem, the two were an unstoppable force. The pair dominated Grand Slam women’s doubles play for over a decade. They won their first Grand Slam in Paris in 1999 and then proceeded to win every other Grand Slam at least once. In all, the Williams sisters won 14 Grand Slams, a pair of Premier titles, an International title, and three Olympic Gold Medals.

Mixed Doubles

Aside from a few “Battle of the Sexes” exhibition matches, mixed doubles tennis matches are the only times you’ll see a man and a woman playing side by side. There have been a few memorable combinations over the years.

Margaret Court and Marty Riessen

As far as Grand Slam titles are concerned, nobody has been able to top what Margaret Court and Marty Riessen achieved. The pair earned 6 Grand Slam mixed doubles titles. While more recent pairs such as Jana Navotna and Bill Pugh have come close to equaling that success, they didn’t really come close.

Billie Jean King and Owen Davidson

Billie Jean King is a women’s tennis legend. While Owen Davidson didn’t enjoy the same level of fame, he was very successful in his own right. Together, King and Davidson were unstoppable in the early 1970s. The duo combined for 5 Grand Slam mixed doubles titles which is second only to the aforementioned team of Court and Riessen.

Live Betting Tennis

Live betting has been a standard feature at online sportsbooks for a few years, and it gets more popular by the day. There are many benefits to live betting tennis matches. Besides being a way to hedge bets or double down, live bettors have the advantage of seeing how players are performing. This is particularly helpful when betting on underdogs.

You thought you had loads of wagering options before the match started? Well, wait until the match gets underway. Tennis bettors have just as many, if not more live opportunities as pre-match options. It isn’t uncommon for bookies to give you dozens of different live betting possibilities. Just be sure you react quickly when you see the perfect betting opportunity. The odds are constantly changing and you don’t want to be slow on the draw.

Summary – how to bet on Tennis?

Tennis is an entertaining and action-packed sport. Professional tennis events run all throughout the year which means it’s always tennis season. Naturally, this gives tennis bettors an endless number of betting opportunities almost every day of the week. With so many possibilities, it’s easier to find value on the bet you want to make. Even having a small amount of money riding on a tennis outcome makes the experience that much more exciting.