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Those new to the world of online sports betting must quickly come to terms with a huge amount of information. However, our website is on hand to provide answers to some of the most important questions, as well as provide a breakdown of some of the best bookmakers around, Nigerian gambling laws and promotions. Here, you can find everything that you need to know before kick-starting your journey, with all of the betting platforms suggested being 100% reliable and safe. So, let’s get started…

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Betting Sites Nigeria – Top Betting Sites for Nigerian Players

Check out our list, Sports Betting Sites Nigeria. Those who are familiar with betting on their favourite sports teams and players will probably be aware of the sheer volume of online bookmakers available to customers today, with more and more platforms being introduced all of the time. Each bookmaker claims to offer something unique, however it can be difficult to decide which is the right bookmaker to suit your needs. As a result, our website answers these important questions, as well as many others: – your guide in the world of online bookmakers:

  • Which providers are the best?
  • Who has the highest odds?
  • Who has the best bonus?
  • What are the best operator to bet mobile

Online Sports Betting – General Information & The Basics

women nigeria betting adviseWe provide you with all the information in which you need surrounding sports betting, perfect for beginners, with some exciting and useful facts about the industry on offer. Those with additional questions are recommended to check out our guide section, where we offer more detailed technical answers. Questions are ordered in order of relevance, helping punters to find answers as quickly as possible.

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Who Offers Sports Bets?

When it comes to sports betting, there are now a range of different platforms available to customers, with the following forms of wagering among the most popular today:

  • Betting Exchange: Betting against each other
  • Bookmakers: Betting at a fixed rate
  • Pool bets / totalizer bets

When it comes to bookmaker bets, the organisation will set a quote before a particular event, whether it be a football match or horse race. As a result, customers will know the potential returns before placing their bet. Meanwhile, match pool betting is perhaps the most traditional forms of wagering, with sports including horse racing and football regularly featuring.

Here, the total amount is split between all winners at the end of the event. Finally, a betting exchange is one of the newest types of platform, with customers allowed to place bets themselves, as well as accept other people’s tips. Basically, this means that prices are agreed first, then customers bet against each other in a bid to win big. Today, more and more people are placing bets online, with local bookmaker shops becoming redundant in many cases.


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Who is Eligible for Sports Betting?

QuestionThose in Nigeria are eligible to place bets when they reach the age of 18, with those under this age unable to either online or in a betting shop due to the national laws. As a result, customers must enter their correct personal information when registering with a bookmaker online, while betting sites will also require users to verify such information before any bets can be placed. As well as this, some platforms may also ask for additional information, in the form of a passport or ID card. This should certainly not come as a concern to customers, with online bookmakers being subject to strict conditions when it comes to licensing. As a result, alarm bells should ring if a bookmaker does not ask for such details.

Is Online Betting Secure?

Significant steps have been made in the online betting industry over the last 20 years, with developments demonstrating that, especially since the mid-90’s, substantially fewer rogue betting companies are in operation. At that time, it was mostly smaller companies which were based in Caribbean islands who targeted American customers. However today, sports betting companies are serious, professional and well-structured, often equipped with hundreds, if not thousands, of employees in different locations.

Betting in Nigeria

Betting in Nigeria

As well as this, many of the leading names in the industry are active in major stock exchanges from London, Frankfurt or Stockholm, further demonstrating their trustworthiness. While the number of bookmakers available has grown, the number of interesting parties has too, with gambling customers growing at a rapid rate, especially in Nigeria. So, whether it be a domestic-based or International bookmaker, customers can rest assured that platforms are 100% safe, with strict regulations and licensing helping to keep this in check.

TrustWe only present online bookmakers who are reputable and secure, with valid licenses from respected authorities, meaning that they can all be trusted. Bookmakers are now subject to various rules imposed by license providers, meaning that if a company fails to comply, the license provider may well remove their entire license. For this reason, bookmakers now work hard to ensure that their betting platforms take the necessary security measures, putting the customer first at all times.

Betting in Nigeria

sw24 flagge big nigeriaBetting on sports is now hugely popular in Nigeria, with bookmakers such as Naira Bet and Bet9ja being among the most popular and reputable. However, just what is fueling this increase in interest when it comes to wagering in Nigeria? Betting on your favourite sports team or player is certainly not something new, however the revolution has been sparked by a number of factors, including media, technology and of course, the internet.

Major competitions and events such as the English Premier League and Spanish La Liga from the world of football attract major interest from Nigerian’s, with such interest having only helped to increase the number of betting customers today. Nigerian’s are undoubtedly sports mad, meaning that attracting them to the chance of winning while taking in their favourite events is not always too difficult. If you’re also interested in playing casino-games, we can highly recommend our site

Nigerian Gambling Laws

Gambling laws in Nigeria were established by the Criminal Act Code, with the most recent parts surrounding betting having been updated back in 2004. As a result, only games which offer some form of skill-based play are able to be wagered upon, meaning that casino games including roulette are forbidden. As a result, the majority of different sports are legal to bet upon, with your local state determining exactly which events are on offer and which are not in most cases.

Taxes in Nigeria

Despite information regarding tax in the Nigerian gambling industry being hard to come by, one thing that is clear is the fact that all customers in the country will be taxed by a certain amount on profits made. Some have suggested that considering the needs of those within the industry more would help it to grow yet further, with normal business tax seemingly charged in a large number of cases. Elsewhere, online casinos are taxed under the ‘Casino Taxation Act’, introduced in 1965.

Some reports suggest that sports betting customers have to put up to 20% on winnings, however this figure is still somewhat uncertain, with tax professionals on hand to provide definitive answers.

Additional Facts on Betting Providers

NigeriaThose who are looking to place online bets will undoubtedly look for the right platform first of all, with our website providing the perfect place to compare some of the most popular and successful names within the industry.

For many, the design and interface or the betting platform is likely to be of key importance, with moving between markets and features easily making the whole process all the more enjoyable. Upon signing up with a new bookmaker, customers are then free to deposit funds and start placing bets, with welcome bonuses on hand in many cases in order to attract users.

Promotions are also available to existing customers however, which can be used to both maximise profits and minimise losses when betting online. Online bookmakers now generally offer a large number of sports betting markets, which are designed to meet the needs of fans of a variety of disciplines. As well as this, a wide range of bet types are also on offer, with everything from a single to accumulator bet available on most platforms. Punters are able to view their potential returns before placing bets, meaning that they can decide as to whether such a wager fits in with their betting strategy.

Betting Opportunities & Sports

Women Nigeria football in handsWith a whole host of good betting sites now available, which was not the case in the past, the variety of markets available helps to attract customers of all kinds, from beginners to professionals. However, with it being difficult to get a feel for a bookmaker by simply visiting their website or app, our pages are on hand to provide all the information in which you need to make your decision, with something for everyone on offer.

Many of the bigger bookmakers will cater for those looking to win more significant figures by offering odds on the outcome of events, as well as other variables. An example of this could be betting on Manchester United to defeat Chelsea, as well as their being over 2.5 goals during the 90 minutes at Old Trafford. So, what types of bet are available to betting customers in Nigeria?

  • The classic earnings bet: Here you put your own money on winning a team. In football, there is the option of a draw. This is known as a classic 3-way bet.
  • Handicap betting is also growing in popularity, which is where the weaker team is given a fictitious points advantage and bets on whether the team in the final score has more points than the opposing team. However, other variables are regularly on offer.
  • Last but not least, live betting is becoming more and more popular too. Here you can watch live games on some platforms and combine developments in the game with a bet. Who will be the next scorer or will there be a penalty?

Bookmaker Bonuses – A welcome Gift for New Customers

Sports betting bonuses of all kind are certain to attract the interest of all customers, with such offers playing an important role here, especially when it comes to punters registering with a new bookmaker.

bet9ja Bonus offer

bet9ja Bonus offer

Many platforms will now offer an additional bonus when signing up, whether it be a matched deposit, free bet or price boost. Such offers are well worth taking advantage of, however they should not form the basis of your decision when it comes to which bookmaker to register with. Ongoing competitive prices are more important, with our bookmaker reviews looking at both areas.

Popular Questions & Answers (FAQ) About Sports Betting in Nigeria

FAQIf you have not taken in enough information already, this section is designed to quickly answer some of the most commonly asked questions surrounding placing bets online. The following questions did not perhaps fit into the sections already discussed, so we will give you the answers now. Our FAQ page provides a mix of information, as well as tips for customers to utilise.

Which are the most popular football betting platforms?

The number of online betting platforms is now huge, with customers always looking for the best deals around when it comes to odds and additional features. However, for football fans looking for the website that offers the biggest range of markets, coverage and bonuses, we provide all the information needed in our review pages. With both Nigerian and international bookmakers covered, our final conclusions surrounding each platform will help you to decide as to which portal suits your needs the most.

Why is personal information required from the bookmaker during registration?

Anyone who is interested in the subject of sports betting should be on the look out for a reputable and reliable provider. Our suggested providers have licenses and are therefore subject to strict regulations. If these requirements are disregarded, the company threatens to withdraw the full license. For the purpose of consumer protection and also according to the Financial Transaction Guidelines, it is therefore a must that betting company’s obtains the correct identity of a customer. Anonymous betting on the Internet is for this reason – in a reputable and secure provider – not possible and forbidden.

How long do deposits and withdrawals take with online bookmakers?

The majority of bookmakers guarantee that customers have to pay no fees for a bank transfer, however such transactions can take a few days until the deposited money has arrived on their own sports betting account. For other types of payment, however, it may be possible that between 1 to 4 percent of the deposit amount is charged as a fee. This is not due to the sports betting company, which wants to make profits with the fees, but to the respective payment company.

Is there a safe strategy for sports betting?

StrategyAnyone who starts wagering online ultimately dreams of making a big profit, with the risks being relatively low. For this reason, the hope for a safe sports betting strategy is also very great. Unfortunately, we have to disappoint you, because there is no guarantee of success in sports betting. In part, however, a large number of strategies are offered on the Internet, which allegedly include safe sports betting strategies. However, these are only dubious offers, since, purely mathematically speaking, a betting provider always has an advantage over the betting customer.

The profit margin of online bookmakers is not very big, but it is there. Of course, in the long run it can be possible to beat a bookmaker, if time and money are invested accordingly. There should also be the necessary intuition and patience, experience and a certain willingness to take risks. However, there is no sure strategy for success.

A sports betting comparison guide is undoubtedly the best way to start wagering online. In most cases, it is the preliminary information on a sports betting comparison portal such as ours. Here you will find sports betting comparisons surrounding betting bonuses, odds and much more, which can help to differentiate between bookmakers and, in the end, find the sportsbook provider that is best suited to your own wishes.

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