Esports Betting Sites 2021

esport bettingAre you a fan of computer games? Do you like to play them or watch them for enjoyment? Or even better, do you want to bet on them?

The modern entertainment world is largely dependent on esports. Computer games, mobile games, and other forms of virtual games have taken up our leisure time. Some of us like to play them, some of us like to watch them. And we know you want to bet on them And with it, came esports betting. It’s one of the most popular categories of betting among punters.

In this post, we are going to look at the overall aspect of what esports betting is and what you can expect from it. We will look at the best betting sites in Nigeria that offer esports betting to punters. And lastly, we will go through the most popular games in the esports category.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

The best bookmakers for Esports Betting in Nigeria

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Esports Betting

Before we jump into the huge ocean of esports betting, it’s important that you understand what esports betting is. It’s undoubtedly one of the largest attractions for punters in Nigeria, including you.

The influx has been astonishing in the last two decades since the majority of the popular esports titles emerged during this time. And as time went by, technology improved significantly. And it led to the ultimate boom in the popularity of esports betting via social media like YouTube and Twitch.

If you’re thinking about getting into esports betting, you’ll be glad to know that people are engaged with esports more than ever. The games have created a sustainable community of enthusiasts who hold esports near and dear to their hearts.

And you can expect this trend to go upwards only. The modern lifestyles we lead barely spare any time for us to enjoy real sports on TV or any other live-streaming media. Let alone going to the venue itself.

But you don’t need to do dig out an enormous amount of time to enjoy esports. You can tune in anytime you like, even if the tournament has finished already.

However, for esports betting, you need to keep an eye on the roster. When an event will take place is likely to determine whether you can participate in it or not.

The majority of the titles including CSGO, DOTA 2, Fortnite, League of Legends, etc. have amazing tournaments throughout the year with large pools of prize money. You can either tune in to enjoy the mesmerizing display of skill or to put bets on your favorite team.

Another big reason why esports betting is more popular than ever is the fact that it offers a huge betting market. In sports betting, the market means the opportunity to bet. For example, who wins in a CSGO match is a market. Similarly, who scores the highest kills in League of Legends is another market.

In the years to come, we can only expect the popularity of esports betting to increase. More and more sportsbooks are integrating esports betting into their offerings. The competition is fierce in terms of who can provide the greatest number of markets and best odds to the punters.esport

Esports Betting Tips is your one-stop solution to all your betting needs. We review the best online sportsbooks in Nigeria. What we also do is share tips for our beloved punters who want to enjoy esports betting to the fullest.

We’re going to do the same in this case as well. We will share some tips that you can use for esports betting in Nigeria. And you can surely hope to make your time worthwhile when you’re at it.

Utilize Multiple Bookmakers:

Where a lot of punters go wrong is that they only rely on one betting site for your esports betting. But it’s one of the rookie mistakes that you should avoid.

What you need to do is select a few sportsbooks that you think align with your needs. Then compare the odds and see who offers the best odds. Only then, go ahead and make your bets on that website. Moreover, you can utilize the opportunity for arbitrage betting when you go the route of more than one bookmaker.

Research the Stats:

Many of the best betting sites in Nigeria are likely to display statistics regarding any esports title and the teams. Even if they don’t, you should dig them up yourself. You need to go through the stats thoroughly before you place your bets. Even an unbeatable team cannot always win.

The current statistics might show insights that will help you decide otherwise. However, at the end of the day, esports betting is entirely a game of luck. If your luck runs out, no amount of research won’t suffice.

Play the Game:

One of the best things you can do in terms of esports betting is playing the game yourself. Whether you are planning to bet on CSGO, League of Legends, DOTA 2, Fortnite, or any other title that the bookmakers offer, you should play the game yourself.

What it will do is allow you to understand the markets. It will allow you insights into the meticulous aspects of the game. In return, you’ll be better informed before making your bets.

Study the Teams:

You can include it in your research if you want. One of the biggest mistakes punters make is that they only rely on rankings and scoreboards. But that’s not how esports betting You need to have a good grasp of how the teams respond to certain situations.

You also need to know about the individual players who participate in the match. Each player will have strengths and weaknesses. Understanding those and comparing them with the actual scenario will give you a good idea about what you can expect.

Utilize Live Betting:

We cannot emphasize enough how important live betting is. It’s a relatively new form of sports betting which was popularized for its unpredictable nature. Sports betting itself is unpredictable.

To add more fun to it, sportsbooks allow you to make bets when an esports match is in process. You can change your bet slip according to how the match is unfolding and hopefully walk away with a profit.

Understand Odds:

You cannot think of sports betting without odds. This popular medium of entertainment is completely dependent on odds. Sports odds indicate the likelihood of a team winning in the match. You must read the odds like a pro to make substantial profits from sports betting. Even if you just want to enjoy the game, you should learn to read odds.

Best Esports Betting Sites

Esports betYou might know all about esports betting, but the hurdle is when the time comes to find the best betting sites in Nigeria. Well, we’ve taken care of these needs as well. At, you can find the best sportsbooks that offer esports betting in Nigeria.

You can find more than 15 bookmakers that are specialized in sports betting. You can expect tremendous odds along with best-in-class customer service from these providers. How do we know it?

Well, we’ve spent a great deal of time finding these names for your convenience. All of the names you see on our list are tested vigorously for flaws. And we couldn’t find any. All of the sportsbooks offer great odds on modern esports titles like CSGO, League of Legends, DOTA 2, and so on.


CSGO logo removebg previewCSGO is the short form for Counter Strike: Global Offensive. It’s an online competitive shooter that debuted way back in 2012. After almost a decade of being an esports title, CSGO still sees over 10 million traffic every month!

The mechanics of this game is very simple. You start as part of a team. There are two teams that go face to face. The last player standing from any of the team is the winner. The interesting thing about CSGO is that there is a role for each team.

One team takes upon the task of being the terrorists while the other team, the counter-terrorist team works to neutralize them. You can play with a different number of team members, but most professional matches are 5-on-5.

On the map, there are two sites, named A and B. The role of the terrorists is to plant a bomb in those areas or kill all of the counter terrorists.

For the counter terrorists, the job is the opposite. They must either defuse the bomb or kill all of the terrorists.

A typical CSGO match is played with 30 rounds. The team that wins 16 of them is declared winners. There’s nothing to worry about because the rounds are quite short, going up to 115 seconds at best.

The in-game currency is implemented to increase the engagement even further. Players can use the money earned through the rounds to invest in better weapons and grenades for the rounds to come.

If you’re just starting out, you don’t have to worry about veterans nagging you all the time. The game uses an AI to match similarly skilled players to keep the competition high. So, whether you are a beginner or a pro, you’ll find your match.

Each game winnings results in points that put the players in ranks. Ranks start from Silver 1 and go up to Elite. Whenever you are in rank, you will only be matched with the players in the same rank.

CSGO Gambling

The journey of CSGO gambling started with skin betting. Skin betting had taken the popularity of the game to a whole new level.

Around 2010, Valve, the developer of the game introduced Mann-Conomy to Team Fortress 2, another popular title during that time. It was a revolutionary step from the game developers that allowed the players to use real money to buy props and trade items with fellow players.

Soon, Valve incorporated the feature in all of its titles. But CSGO probably took the biggest hit of it. CSGO skins allowed the players to decorate their weapons in lucrative liveries. It also allowed them to trade the skins.

Thanks to the players’ ability to sell in-game properties through steam, skin betting came to life. Even third-party betting sites started taking bets on the skins. The players placed bets on the game outcome, using skins as their wager in esports betting.

The popularity of skin betting went through the roof in no time. Tournaments all over the world were talking about how great this feature was.

However, every good thing comes to an end. A scandal in 2016 revolving around YouTubers Tom ‘ProSyndicate’ and Trevor ‘TmarTn’ Martin ruined it all. They promoted a CSGO betting site on their channel without telling the audience that they own the website.

It resulted in several lawsuits which threw a significant amount of mud into Valve’s face. As a result, Valve shut down the tools needed for trading skins.

The culture of skin betting might have died, but the enthusiasm regarding esports betting was always there. So, mainstream betting sites started to include CSGO markets and offer them to the punters in the form of betting lines.

Now, CSGO betting is one of the largest esports betting markets with numerous operators offering spectacular odds on the game in Nigeria. It’s even on par with popular sports like Football! Economically, it’s one of the largest revenue streams for betting sites as well.

CS:GO – The most popular first-person shooter

After the death of skin betting, operators included CSGO as a traditional esports betting title. The competitive nature of the game resulted in many markets that the punters can utilize. You can just go ahead into any of the sportsbooks that offer CSGO betting and place your money on those markets.

Most popular markets include the number of kills in a round, the type of kills, the location of the kill, who gets the most kills in the match, etc. And obviously, who wins the match. Since 2016, punters are having enormous fun with this game. It’s all thanks to the dynamic mechanics and wide variety of markets.

When you understand the odds properly, you can expect to make money from CSGO betting. There are always some kinds of tournaments unfolding somewhere in the world. And if you are lucky enough, you can find those matches in the bookmaker you select.CSGO Betting 1

CSGO Betting Sites

So, the question is, how can you find the best CSGO betting sites in Nigeria? Well, you already are at the best place to find them. takes all of the sportsbooks in Nigeria into consideration and evaluates them to find out the best ones.

The online sportsbooks you find on our list have been tested by our experts over and over to ensure that it’s worth it for you. All of the operators boast proper licenses and are regulated through proper authorities to ensure your safety.

The odds you find in these sites are aligned with the market needs. You can rest assured that these are the best odds you can find in Nigeria. If there was a slight chance that you might not get a fair shot at esports betting, we wouldn’t include that operator.

Apart from the betting aspects, the customer support of these sportsbooks is best in class. They are always alert about the punters’ needs. We have evaluated their capabilities by testing them with hypothetical problems. And they have managed to satisfy our queries every time.

All in all, the sportsbooks are packed with payment systems that you want to see in Nigeria. The safety is on point and the transactions are fast and efficient.


dota 2 removebg previewJust like CSGO, DOTA 2 is another massively popular online battle arena game in esports betting. It’s categorized as Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA). DOTA stands for Defense of the Ancients. There was another game before it by the name of DOTA.

In a regular DOTA 2 match, there are five players in each team and 2 teams go face to face. Both teams are tasked to secure their base. The characters of the game are known as a hero. Each of the 10 players controls a hero. Each hero has a unique ability that comes in handy during the battle.

The match ends with one team successfully destroying another team’s ‘Ancient’, an infrastructure located in the base.

DOTA 2 went into development when Valve hired the lead designer of the previous DOTA game to modernize the source code. It launched in 2013 via Steam, the leading digital game distribution platform for computer games.

It’s free to play game meaning anyone can play it by simply downloading and installing it on their computers.

In terms of esports betting, DOTA 2 has its own place thanks to the huge community of enthusiasts. Many tournaments take place throughout the year like the DOTA Pro Circuit.

With the 3D isometric map, each team sees the map and controls the game with real-time strategy controls. The heroes of the game are primarily divided into two teams, Core and Support.

The cores are also known as carriers. Hence, their role is to carry the team toward victory. In the beginning, the cores are weak and pick up strengths throughout the game. The support, on the other hand, has a lack of abilities. But put the two together, you get a solid display of online battles among the heroes.

Dota 2 Betting

When it comes to esports betting, Dota 2 is one of the prime contenders. Keeping the legacy of Valve in mind, Dota 2 has become tremendously popular among the MOBA enthusiasts. And it has given birth to a unique betting paradigm for the punters.

Competitive Dota 2 matches are held in BO (Best of) formats. BO1 means one round game where one team wins. Similarly, BO2 means a 1-1 draw or a 2-0 win for a team. It goes on up to BO5, where the winning team must get at least 3 rounds.

The reason behind Dota 2’s popularity as a betting event is largely due to the nature of the matches. There are endless possibilities for punters to make money for this esports betting. Each combination opens up the doors for a new market. The interest virtually just cannot die for Dota 2 betting.

Dota 2 Odds and Markets

For an enjoyable session of Dota 2 esports betting, you must understand the odds offered by the bookmakers. There are basically three types of odds. Decimal, fractional, and moneyline. In general, you’ll find decimal odds in Nigerian bookmakers.

An odd of 2.5 on a team indicates that you can expect to win N2.5 for every N1 you wager, given that your bet wins. The odds can be on an entire team, individual players, or any other market.

Coming to markets, they indicate the possibilities on which you can place your bets. The most obvious example of a market is the winner. Apart from that, you can also bet on the round winner, the Asian handicaps, etc.

However, there are many bookmakers who took the markets game to a whole different level. Some common examples would be the FirstBlood bet, FirstRoshan bet, game time, and round duration bet.

If you can’t already figure out from the names, the FirstBlood bet indicates which team makes the first kill. It’s a short-term bet and bookmakers offer it to engage you further than anticipating the winner of the match.

FirstRoshan is who can kill the Roshan first. Roshan is the most powerful hero in the game. Once Roshan is dead, the opponents unlock the opportunity to loot Aegies of the Immortal.

The round duration bet is exactly what it sounds like, you bet on how long the round will last. It might also come as an over under bet. If you don’t know what an over under bet is, let us clarify.

The bookmaker sets a benchmark before a match. Let’s say it’s 1 minute. Your bet should indicate that the round will go either over 1 minute or end under 1 minute. It’s a very fun bet if you know how to utilize it for esports betting.

The game time bet is an extended version of the Round duration. Instead of guessing how long the round will go, you place bets on how long the entire game will go.

Some other bets might include the number of kills each team can secure, which team can finish the objective first, and so on.

Dota 2 Gambling

Believe it or not, the history of Dota 2 betting goes before the game was launched publicly. During GamesCom 2011, Pinnacle Sports capitalized on the betting potential of the game and offered a betting line on the largest Dota 2 tournament, The International. At that time, the game was in the beta phase.

Since the first tournament, the interest of gamers only crept. Soon, it wasn’t only the gamers who were interested in it. Viewers from all around the world and investors started showing interest.

The punters didn’t have to look back anymore. The betting paradigm of Dota 2 surpassed 1 million in betting value in 2014 and mainstream bookmakers started to offer betting lines for this esports betting title.

Dota 2 Betting Sites

DotaDota 2 might be a very popular title, but it’s not as popular as other games like CSGO or League of Legends. So, it was hard for the punters to find a reliable bookmaker that offers Dota 2 betting. Lucky for you, we’ve done the job so that you don’t have to.

The esports betting sites we have scrapped across Nigeria are the best in business. They offer a wide variety of markets for punters like you in Dota 2. We have gone through the tiniest details of these bookmakers to ensure a safe sports betting session for you.

All of the options you find on our list are heavily protected by encryption protocols and licenses from necessary authorities, including the Lagos State Lotteries Board.

They are equipped with the best and most reputed payment methods found in Nigeria. All of your deposits and withdrawals are guaranteed to be safe.

League of Legends

league of legendsLeague of Legends is a very popular MOBA game. It was released in 2009 by Riot Games. Since then, it has become one of the most popular esports titles in the world. So, for obvious reasons, it’s a prime target for esports betting enthusiasts as well.

Just like many of the popular MOBA games, League of Legends is a 5-on-5 match style game. Two teams go hand in hand, just to defeat the other team. It might be a team sport, but the role of individual players is huge.

The goal for each team to destroy the ‘Nexus’ the other team has. It’s simply a building located in either the lower left or upper right corner of the map. Team members try to penetrate each other’s Nexus by facing different defense mechanisms put in place by the other team.

The fun starts at the Nexus. It continuously spawns NPCs (Non-Playable Characters), called the minions. The minions are controlled by the game API and they march toward destroying the enemy’s Nexus.

Every player is a ‘Champion’ in the game. The champions start at level 1 in terms of power. They gradually level up and can go up to level 18. It happens by obtaining experience points during the rounds and buying items with the gold they have won during those rounds.

With different levels, the champions unlock different abilities that aid the team in destroying the opponent’s Nexus with ease.

Competitive League of Legends, which is our target for esports betting, are always played on the same map. It’s known as Summoner’s Rift. There are four sections on the map. Namely, Top Lane (Top), Middle Lane (Mid), Bottom Lane (Bot), and the Jungle.

Each of the champions must take up a role that goes like Top Laner, Jungler, Mid laner, Support, and ADC (Attach Damage Carry). Only the Junglers can roam freely on the map. ADCs and Support cover the Bottom lane. And obviously, Top Laners and Mid Laners cover the Top Lane and the Bottom Lane respectively.

LOL Betting

After CSGO, LOL probably has the largest community of bettors around the world. The same goes for esports betting in Nigeria. Since its release in 2009, League of Legends has become one of the most popular online games ever. Only three years after its release, the game was named the most played game in the North American region with over 100 million users!

The betting sites offer numerous leagues and tournaments for this game. It makes it easier for the punters to place bets on their favorite teams and champions. The World Championship, the Mid-Season Invitational, LCS, LEC, LCK, LPL, etc. are the most popular tournaments.

It also offers very goods odds that often go in favor of the punters. The markets are virtually limitless, thanks to the effort by the bookmakers in Nigeria. You can utilize both short-term betting, long-term betting, and live betting with this esports betting title.

The very competitive nature of the game and the lucrative graphics has opened up pandora’s box for the punters. And you should utilize every opportunity you get in LOL betting. Why? You’ll see when we talk about the odds and the markets.

LOL Odds and Markets

As you already know, the odds define your esports betting experience. The better the odds, the more you can expect to enjoy your punting session. Thanks to the wide variety of tournaments throughout the season, there is always a match you will find worth betting.

You may find both decimal and fractional odds in LOL betting. We’ve already explained how the decimal odds work. Let us clarify the fractional odds to you with an example.

If you find a 4/1 odd on Invictus Gaming, one of the finest professional LOL teams in existence, the odds mean that they are likely to win 3 matches for every 4 matches they play. It’s a spectacular odd and justifies with Invictus.

The odds also imply that you can win N4 for every N1 you wager on the team. And you can use the odds for all different markets in LOL.

Coming to markets, what can you bet on in League of Legends esports betting? The markets vary drastically from bookmaker to bookmaker. And there is no point in explaining the common markets like the match winner or the round winner, right?

So, let us look at some of the most popular markets widely offered by Nigerian online bookmakers.

Similar to Dota 2, you have the option to bet on First Blood in LOL. First Blood means who gets the first kill in the game. You can take it from a team perspective or a player perspective. Depending on the odds, it can offer great wins in your favor.

Next up, we have First to Take Baron. If you are familiar with the FirstRoshan bet in Dota 2, it follows the same principle. Baron Noshar is one of the most important objectives in the game. Your bet goes on which team or which players kill the first Baron of the game.

If you don’t know, Baron is an epic monster that possesses incredible abilities to put the enemy to the ground. So, it’s a very competitive and fun bet to tinker with.

Match duration is a common market you will find in almost all LOL betting sites in Nigeria. Before placing this bet, you need to understand that LOL is not a round-based game. There is no specified amount of time on how long each round can last. Rather, it’s an objective-based game. So, the match might go on for 10 to 40 minutes! Your goal is the get as close as the game duration for your esports betting.

LOL Betting Sites

League of Legends is a very popular esports title with millions of players, viewers, and investors equally. As a result, many gambling facilities will try to capitalize on its popularity. But not all of them are determined to give you the best experience possible.

So, how do you find the best LOL betting sites in Nigeria? Well, you read posts! Yes, we have taken the time to figure out which are the best bookmakers for esports betting in the country.

All of the names you see on our list offer League of Legends bets. The odds are very impressive and worthwhile for you. You will find every possible market in LOL on these sites.

We didn’t rely on the bet offerings alone for this post. We’ve taken other aspects like safety, payments, and efficiency of the game into consideration.

Let’s talk about the payment options first. When you visit an online bookmaker with the ambition for sports betting, you want a safe payment gateway for your transactions. Well, in this regard, our selections are bound to surprise you. You’ll find names like Visa, Mastercard, Interact, Neosurf, Opay, Neteller, and many other top of the line payment processing companies.

And if you’re concerned about security, don’t be. All of these operators are tested and 100% safe for betting. They possess the necessary licenses required to operate legally in Nigeria.League of Legends competitions

LOL Gambling

Since competitive LOL was a thing, LOL betting came to life. We can track the League of Legends professional World Championship back to 2011. And punters have been putting bets on the game since it peaked in terms of popularity.

The lucrative gameplay and the competitive nature have made it one of the very few esports titles that people wait to bet on. With millions of users across the world, there is no doubt the popularity of esports betting will only rise.


To all the esports lovers in the world, FIFA is a name of trust and love. Especially for football enthusiasts, FIFA is their way to appreciate the sport within arm’s reach. Named after the biggest football organization in the world, FIFA is an association football sports games developed by EA Sports.

For the gamers out there, EA is a big name because it’s responsible for some of the most fan-favorite game franchises including FIFA, Need for Speed, The Sims, Apex Legends, and so on.

Coming back to FIFA, it started back in 1990. The first game of the series was FIFA International Soccer. The next game was released in 1994, named FIFA 95. Since then, EA has released one game every year and it’s still going strong in 2021.

The reason behind the immense success of this series in esports betting is how well EA has managed to portray the feel and flow of real football matches. Just like the real sport, you can choose your teams and go on to play a match against your preferred opponent. As it’s licensed with FIFA, the game uses real names for all of the players.

You have control over the 10 players in your team, one at a time except for the goalkeeper. You can change the player you control during the match as well. Whether you use a gamepad or a keyboard, you can master the basic moves very easily. Most of the moves are a combination of different keystrokes. The better you can master them, the better you can play FIFA.

In the game, you can select how long the match with go on. As for the competitive esports matches, you can expect them to be short. Most matches are held in a 1v1 configuration. Meaning it’s not much of a team sport.

Another big reason behind the game’s popularity is the realism it offers to the players. As it’s a licensed game, EA had the freedom to include real-life physics and abilities of the players into the game. EA even scans the face of the real players to bring the feeling as close to reality as possible.

fifa betting


FIFA Betting

Coming to FIFA betting, it’s one of the most popular titles for esports betting in Nigeria. It’s only understandable because Football is after all Nigeria’s national sport. The punters here have a special place for football in their hearts. And the astounding success of the national football team also contributes to the fact.

Just like the real-life tournaments like the FIFA World Cup, English Premier League, EURO, Copa America, there are numerous tournaments for the esports title as well. Some of these tournaments include FUT Champions Verified, FUT Champions Cups, FIFA League Qualifying Tournaments, FIFA eChampions League, FIFA Majors- eNations Cup and eClub World Cup, FIFA eWorld Cup, etc.

Given the number of tournaments, you can only imagine the number of markets you can find for this esports game. Combining it with the love for football among Nigerian punters, it’s no wonder FIFA is extremely popular for esports betting.

FIFA Odds and Markets

Just like the real FIFA matches, you get odds for FIFA esports matches. The odds might even reflect the real matches. You are most likely to find decimal odds for FIFA betting in Nigeria.

For example, if you find 2.90 odds on Nigeria and 3.50 odds on Uruguay, it means Nigeria is the favorite. The odds value might change from bookmaker to bookmaker. The odds also depend on how the team performs in the exact version of the game.

Another aspect is a must in FIFA esports betting, and that is the capability of the player. Just because the players’ names reflect the real players doesn’t mean they can play like them. At the end of the day, it’s the gamer who is controlling the players. So, understand the odds and do your research you select on any of the players.

In terms of markets, you get all of the options you would get otherwise in a real football. You can bet on the match winner, the first goalscorer, the tournament winner, the halftime winner and so on. Let’s understand these markets in a little more detail.

The match winner bet is self-explanatory. You bet on which team you think will win. It also depends on how good the player is. If it’s a good player controlling the weaker team, you might bet on the higher odds. If it’s the opposite, do the opposite.

First goalscorer is another popular marketing for FIFA esports betting. You can select which player in the game will score the first goal. As the control is in the real-life player’s hands, it makes the betting much more entertaining.

Similar to the match winner, you can put your bets on the half time winner. It means which team will be ahead during the half time. It doesn’t matter how short the esports match is, there will be a half-time. And you can bet on it.

Apart from these, the regular markets like the Asian handicaps, over under bets, points spread, etc. are also available for the esports counterpart as well.

FIFA Gambling

The biggest change in FIFA trends came about in the early 2000s. During that time, EA sports first introduced an online option in the game. It led to players playing multiplayer with their friends and random players alike.

Ultimately, it was the beginning of the amazing community for FIFA esports betting enthusiasts. It’s the beautiful thing about punters. They find a betting opportunity in anything they love. And since football betting was already prominent, it was only a matter of time before bookmakers started to offer betting lines on the FIFA online game.

The most popular mode of the game, FIFA Ultimate Team was introduced in 2009. It has over 20 million users worldwide! Players could make their own squads to face similarly specified teams on the internet. It was the push FIFA betting needed.

FIFA betting was always there since the online mode was introduced, but it boomed when FUT Champions was brought to light in 2017. Since then, most of the mainstream online bookmakers have included FIFA as one of the esports betting titles.

FIFA Betting Sites

FIFA might be a household name in Nigeria, but finding a good FIFA betting website is not an easy task. You need to consider a lot of aspects of an online bookmaker before you can decide on betting on their platform.

Lucky for you, we are here for the rescue. You no longer have to spend hours at a time comparing odds, features, payment methods, safety at different bookmakers. We have done it for you. All there is left for you to do is find the bookmaker you like and make an account.

Our expert team has only listed the bookmakers worth your time in this list. You cannot find a single bookmaker on our list that is not capable enough to meet your needs. All of them feature superior security standards to safeguard your personal data.

They offer the best odds you can find across Nigeria. And lastly, the payment methods. It’s a major area where a lot of punters step back. The lack of reputed payment providers is prominent in Nigeria. But you will find the best names on all of our betting sites listed above.


FortniteIn traditional esports betting manner, Fortnite is an online multiplayer game. From the appearance of the game, it might seem like it’s targeted toward a younger audience. The graphics are quite childlike along with cartoonish violence.

But when you look at the competitive side of things, it becomes much more prominent as an esports title.

There is a single-player mode and co-operative to start off. In the single-player, you play alone in the open-world map to kill zombies. Well, creatures that look like zombies. You can do the same with help from your friends in the co-operative mode.

However, the fun begins with the standalone multiplayer mode. Consider it as your battle arena. The only difference is that you get an open area to hide and hunt your enemies. The enemies in this mode are other real players, playing with the same objective as you.

At the beginning of the session, 100 players enter the lobby. You can play either in single mode or make your own squad up to four people. The area of the battle arena gradually decreases over time. And players die during this time. The smaller the area becomes, the easier the target you become.

There are numerous weapons that you can collect by exploring the map. If you find the right pair for you, you might win the match in the end.

One of the huge reasons behind this game’s immense popularity is that it’s free to play. Anyone can install it on their Play Station or Xbox consoles, and PCs. The open communication between the players makes this game even more engaging and fun for esports betting.

However, there are many in-game purchases you can make. The most commonly bought item is the season battle pass. It unlocks unique bonus opportunities like skins. If you don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on the game, you can go with V-Bucks. It’s the in-game currency for Fortnite.

Keep in mind that it will take you a long time before you stack up enough V-Bucks to fulfill your dream. So, many players go the other route and buy V-Bucks for real money.

Fortnite Gambling

Fortnite was only released in 2017. Comparing to the legacy titles in the esports field like CSGO, Dota 2, or League of Legends, Fortnite has a long way to go. But in the short period this game has been in existence, it has managed to penetrate the betting industry quite effectively.

It’s largely due to a huge social media following. YouTubers and Twitch streamers have contributed immensely in popularizing this game. Even people who don’t play the game started to enjoy the gameplay.

However, the betting industry is not yet flourished for Fortnite. But the popularity of the game has compelled many mainstream online bookmakers to offer betting lines.

The unfortunate thing is, many scammers are trying to capitalize on the demand from esports betting punters and the lack of supply from bookmakers. So, you should never get into an online bookmaker that doesn’t support necessary security protocols like SSL encryption and proper licenses from authorities like Lagos State Lotteries Board.

Fortnite Betting

When you look at the esports betting scene from the top, you won’t find many Battle Royale titles. Fortnite and PUBG have effectively popularized the BR genre of the games into the industry. The titles must provide either immense competition or proper content to watch for the punters.

When CSGO or Dota 2 are in question, they are very fast-paced multiplayer online games. Neither the players nor the viewers have the time to look around and explore the visual cues of the games. It’s not like those games don’t look good. It’s just that it’s not worth looking at the surroundings when there is a massive battle going on between two teams.

The genre of Fortnite is fundamentally different. It’s not a MOBA title. Rather, it’s a BR title. You have an entire open-world map to yourself rather than one or two confined sites. The game unfolds much slower compared to the MOBA games.

And that is exactly why you won’t find many BR titles in the esports betting industry. But Fortnite has managed to create itself a healthy betting environment. But how?

Well, by offering great content surrounding the players! When five players are not trying to kill you by jumping from up and above, you can spare some time to look at the beauty of the environment. Fortnite can do it effectively.

So, many punters who like a calm betting experience are biased toward Fortnite betting rather than CSGO betting or LOL betting. Capitalizing in this regard, bookmakers have started to put great odds on the matches because they usually take longer to finish.

You can put your bets on a multitude of markets including regular ones like the match winner, first blood, game time, and so on. The odds might look very impressive, but when you consider that there might 100 possible winners, the odds start to make sense.

Fortnite Betting Sites

If you had trouble finding a good betting site for CSGO or LOL on your own, it’s only understandable that you had or will have a very hard time regarding Fortnite as well. As we’ve already mentioned, the betting industry hasn’t flourished entirely for this popular BR game.

However, we are not the ones to let go of hope so easily. We’ve taken the challenge of finding the best esports betting sites on behalf of our punters. And behold, we have succeeded!

The online bookmakers you see on our list, all of them offer Fortnite betting. There might not be hundreds of events readily available, but it’s a start.

And we can guarantee something more important than events. Do you know what that is? Your safety and peace of mind!

Yes, you can rely on these sportsbooks with your eyes closed. When you get on a hunt for the best bookmakers in Nigeria, you should always keep some aspects in mind.

One of them is customer support. No matter how spectacular the odds might look or how impressive the event’s roster is, if the customer support is not quite right, it’s a lost project. All of the bookmakers we’ve selected for you feature a top of the line customer support.

Next up, you need good security. High odds might make you more money. But if it’s not safe, the money goes into someone else’s pocket.  Do you want that to happen? We know you don’t. So, we have managed the most secure Fortnite esports betting sites for you.

Last but not the least, you need a solid payment method to both deposit and withdraw your money from the sportsbook. Our featured betting sites have all of the commonly used payment gateways at your disposal.

StarCraft II

starcraft 2It might be an older title, it might not be as popular as CSGO or Dota 2 in the esports betting industry, but StarCraft II still packs a solid punch in terms of competitiveness and player engagement.

It’s the second installment of the StarCarft series, launched in 2010. The first game was launched way back in 1998. StarCraft II is a science fiction real-time strategy title. The full name of the game is StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty. Blizzard Entertainment developed this spectacular title, along with other ones like World of Warcraft and Overwatch.

StarCraft II is a quite fast-paced game. It takes a skilled player to manage all the tasks in the game. Unlike the other popular titles in the esports betting industry, this game is a 1v1 extravaganza. The matches take place spreading over 3 to 5 maps a time. The player who wins the majority of the maps, wins.

At the beginning of the match, you must pick any of the 3 characters, or species, whatever you might want to call them. They are Protoss, Zerg, and Terran. Each of the characters has its own abilities that unfold differently during the match.

The goal of the game is to explore the map, build a base, collect resources, training an army, and ultimately attacking the enemy. All of this takes place in a very fast environment. The entire map is laid out in an isometric perspective, allowing you multiple approaches on how you want to take out the opponent.

The match starts with you having a base and 12 workers. Your final goal is to conquer the enemy base. And you can only do it by carefully selecting your resources, training the army with the right skills, and building your base to increase the defense.

For success, there is no alternative to using the unique abilities of the characters at the right time. As it’s a real-time strategy control game, one wrong move from your end will result in a raging defeat.

For example, the Protoss takes a lot of resources to train and can deliver incredible damages to the enemy outposts. Terrans, on the other hand, are very mobile and work great for defense, but not very good for offense. Finally, Zergs are the cheapest to produce and they have the least damaging capabilities.

StarCraft II Betting

The age of the game and the unique nature that it unfolds have resulted in a dynamic betting environment. Punters interested in this game can spend hours without getting distracted thanks to the meticulousness of the title.

During its launch, the game already had a substantial fanbase thanks to the previous game in the series. The game was most popular in South Korea during that time. Millions of viewers tuned into various live-streaming services to watch the competitive matches.

With the introduction of the StarCraft II World Champion Series (WCS). Along with the main game, two expansion packs are also played across the world. Those games go by SC II: Heart of the Swarm and SC II: Legacy of the Void.

Considering the widespread popularity of the game in South Korea, and later in North America and the rest of the world, popular bookmakers started to offer it as an esports betting title.

StarCraft II Odds and Markets

If we fast forward to 2021, you can find odds on SCII matches on the regular. Sure, it might not be available at every bookmaker in Nigeria, but the presence is prominent. And to make the process even more streamlined for you, we have listed the best StarCraft II betting sites on

You are most likely to find decimal odds on the matches. There are no complexities when you read the odds because SC II is simply a 1v1 match. The odds are very generous in some bookmakers in Nigeria. And we have listed them for you.

When it comes to markets, you get all the common markets at almost all bookmakers that offer the game. Apart from markets like Match winner and outright winner, you can also go ahead and place bets on Map winner, future bets, and correct map score.

The map winner market indicates which player will win either 3 or 5 of the maps. It’s a form of the accumulator bet because you are essentially placing multiple bets on your bet slip. If all of your predictions go right, you can expect to win very good profits from your betting ventures.

The correct map score market is another innovative market offered by the best online bookmakers. Essentially, you will be placing your bets on the final scoreline of the map. You can either go for outcomes like 3-0 victory or 3-2 victory.

As for future bets, it can be an event that will take place in the future. For example, you can wager your money who will win the World Championship Series before the tournament even starts. It’s a long-term bet and the profits could be significant if your bets go right.

StarCraft II Betting Sites

Sure, SC II might not be at its finest in the esports betting industry. But with tournaments like WCS, IEM, and ESL under its belt, you can enjoy your time very well with this game. So, all it is for you to do is find a good bookmaker in Nigeria, isn’t it?

Well, the task is not so simple. You cannot expect to go out and barge into an online bookmaker to start placing bets on the offered odds. StarCraft II betting sites must meet some requirements before we can call it a good sportsbook.

It’s largely because of how critical the game is. Only one player is responsible for managing various tasks throughout a match. And if the odds are not aligned with the mechanics of the game, the punting session will bring you nothing but misery.

But you have nothing to worry about! Because our expert team has gone ahead before you even asked to find the best StarCraft II betting sites for you.

Firstly, we have considered the safety aspect of the sites. For you to peacefully enjoy your StarCraft II betting session, you need the assurance that your money is safe. Well, we can provide the assurance. Both your money and data are completely safe in the hands of the bookmakers we recommend to you.

The next thing checked was the odds. Being a very complex game, StarCraft II needs a mindful sportsbook to fully utilize its markets. The odds offered by our recommended sportsbooks are the best odds providers in Nigeria.

Customer service also plays a huge role in this kind of esports betting. As you already know that it’s a complex title, you might need assistance often. So, the sportsbook that handles SC II esports betting must be capable of providing expert assistance to our punters.

And lastly, the withdrawal methods. You don’t want your money to stuck in the bookmaker account for days, do you? We know it very well and that’s why we’ve selected the bookmakers that only offer the most reputed and fastest payment providers.

StarCraft II Gambling

The bricks for StarCraft II gambling were laid the moment the game came to life. Thanks to the previous title, the StarCraft series had a dynamic fanbase already in place. It was just a matter of time before the iGaming giants started to offer this game as a betting market.

Modern streaming technologies like YouTube and Twitch brought in millions of viewers from around the world which ultimately resulted in a very good betting environment revolving around the game.

Thanks to its complex nature, the game can utilize a variety of betting markets. And punters are always hungry for variety. Because the majority of them come to esports betting for fun. And more markets mean more fun for punters.

Final Words on Esports Betting

If you’ve stuck through the entire post, our heartiest thanks to you. It means you are really passionate about esports betting and look forward to starting your own journey. In this post, we’ve shared some tips. These tips apply to all of the titles we’ve mentioned later in the post.

Depending on what kind of games you like, you can go with any of the popular esports titles on our list. And the best thing is, no matter which one you like, we have a betting site ready to go for you in Nigeria.

Lastly, we recommend that you understand the game and its odds properly before you decide to open an account with the bookmakers. It will save you a lot of trouble in the future when you actually want to wager your hard-earned money.

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