Cup calendar challenge at Betway

Betway Cup Calender Challenge

While the use of calendars in the world of betting are often restricted to advent calendars in December, Betway are opening the door to a whole new load of possibilities with the Cup Calendar Challenge which will run throughout the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Essentially, from the first whistle until the very last, fans can be in with a chance of winning a series of different rewards – and all they need to do is follow the instructions behind each and every calendar window from now until the day of the final.

Oh, and as an added bonus, you could win up to ₦100,000 when you bet on every single Round of 16 match or ₦100,000 if you bet on both the semi-finals and the 3rd place playoffs. Just imagine how many editions of Nigeria’s glorious home kit you could purchase with that. You’ll obviously need to take a look on Betway in order to understand the ins and outs of the deal, but we’re going to run down the basics of what you could be in line to capture over the next few weeks. Some potential prizes are better than others, and while nothing would ever be as sweet as seeing The Super Eagles lift the World Cup trophy in Moscow, these aren’t bad replacements if they don’t end up going all the way.

Betway Cup Calendar Challenge

Betway Cup Calendar Challenge

Over the next seven days or so the biggest available prizes rest in the form of financial reward, with ₦20,000 being up for grabs from now until Sunday and then again from June 22nd until June 24th. As well as that you can win yourself 10% back on losses through Cash Back & Live Betting Bonuses, and as we move into the latter stages of the tournament, things just get better and better. On June 30th there will be a smartphone giveaway, and at the risk of sounding cheesy, you could probably use that new phone to let your friends and family know about the Nigerian Super Eagles impending trip towards the deep end of the knockout rounds! On July 6th and July 7th you’ll have another two chances at walking away with ₦20,000 and then – as we look ahead to the final two days of competition in Russia – a 49” television is up for grabs on both July 14th and July 15th, signalling the perfect way to sign off on a month of drama, action and endless exhilaration.

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