Best Betting Sites Kenya 2021

kenya bettingWith betting on events now a staple for many in Kenya, a comparison of the best betting sites is suddenly essential. By shopping across betting sites, you can spot massive differences in odds offered, hidden gems in markets, and what makes each bookmaker special. When you compare the best betting sites, you tend to see each bookmaker in a new light.

List of the Best Online Betting Sites in Kenya

Expert Rating
Welcome Offer
50% up to ₦20.000 Welcome Bonus
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  • International Sportsbook
  • Competitive odds
  • Excellent in-play markets
50% up to ₦20.000 Welcome Bonus
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  • International Sportsbook
  • Competitive odds
  • Excellent in-play markets
Betway Review
100% up to ₦100.000 Welcome Bonus
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  • Good selection of betting markets
  • Competitive odds
  • The site is mobile compatible
100% up to ₦100.000 Welcome Bonus
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  • Good selection of betting markets
  • Competitive odds
  • The site is mobile compatible
BetBonanza Review
100% up to ₦100,000 Welcome Bonus
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  • Incredibly wide offer
  • No transaction fees whatsoever
  • Beautiful design
100% up to ₦100,000 Welcome Bonus
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  • Incredibly wide offer
  • No transaction fees whatsoever
  • Beautiful design
Betwinner Review
200% up to ₦100.000K Welcome Bonus
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  • Virtual markets
  • No charge for deposits/ withdrawals
  • 24/7 customer service
200% up to ₦100.000K Welcome Bonus
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  • Virtual markets
  • No charge for deposits/ withdrawals
  • 24/7 customer service
1XBET Review
200% up to ₦100.000K Welcome Bonus
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  • Huge number of available matches
  • Customer-oriented philosophy
  • A large number of bonuses
200% up to ₦100.000K Welcome Bonus
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  • Huge number of available matches
  • Customer-oriented philosophy
  • A large number of bonuses
MELbet Review

Betting in Kenya

The betting industry in Kenya has surged to unprecedented heights, which isn’t unusual when compared to the situation in other African countries. But the situation in the East African nation is a unique one. Kenyans have had to deal with stifling regulations regarding betting activities, and the events of 2019 are still fresh in the mind of many.

Until recently, the Kenyan government and betting companies were involved in a showdown due to tax issues as well as the nonrenewal of operating licenses. Local bookmakers exited the Kenya betting scene, claiming a hostile business environment. There are more people interested in sport betting in Kenya compared to other countries in Sub-Sahara Africa. And betting sites have cashed in on this gold mine.

According to a survey done on a sample of 3979 Kenyans, 76% of young people in the East African country bet on sporting events, and a significant fraction of them do so daily. This massive participation in sports betting in Kenya has been identified as the outcome of the prominence of mobile financial wallets in the East African country, helped by the convenience of betting on mobile phones.

Best betting sites – The factors we use

In Kenya, there are a lot of bookmarkers, so deciding the best betting sites can be a tough ask. Fortunately, has done the hard work on your behalf – using several yardsticks. Outlined below are some of the parameters used:


What’s betting without the markets? For, it’s like a football match without the fans. With different betting sites, you’d notice variations in markets offered. Some football betting sites favour the goal markets, and their odds reflect this. There are betting websites that have scorer markets, even the first goalscorer market, but such sections might be missing when you use other sports betting sites. These differences emphasise the need to compare all betting sites if you are serious about getting value.

melbet homepage odds



This line from a TV series – May the odds be ever in your favour – reflects the desire of every punter, and those in Kenya are not excluded. seeks out betting sites with the most significant odds, reinforcing how crucial it is to compare sport betting sites. The odds for a specific event happening isn’t the same across all betting sites. Sport betting websites tend to vary in odds value, depending on several parameters, which could range from team news, weather conditions, and others. While some bookmakers reflect these changes swiftly, others take their sweet time, and punters can take advantage of this delay.

Bonus and Offers

To get punters to sign-up and deposit funds into their platform, online betting sites have bonuses like the welcome bonus – for new punters, accumulator bonuses, and similar offers aimed at rewarding patronage. Across gambling websites, the nature of these bonuses and offers tends to differ, with those provided by top betting sites coming out on top. If you are serious about maximising these bonuses, you have to put offers of the best betting websites side-by-side. This will reveal what bonus you should opt for.

Betway welcome offer kenya

Betways welcome offer

Live betting

Many Kenyan punters prefer betting on pre-match events, but there is a smaller fraction of people that are interested in betting on-the-now.

The thrill of watching your bet sail in and winnings disbursed accordingly is something Kenyan punters love, and live betting provides these things. Luckily, all bookmakers featured in our top list, offers live betting for all Kenyan punters to enjoy.


One of the things which helped the penetration of the gambling industry in Kenya is the use of mobile-friendly betting websites. Kenyans tend to bet on-the-go compared to their Sub-Saharan counterparts like Nigeria. Since more Kenyan punters prefer betting on their mobile devices, bookmakers tend to optimise their websites to ensure a rich user experience. The level of such optimisation varies with betting sites, so there’s the need to navigate these mobile platforms to confirm which ones have done their homework before placing a bet on the site.


The layout of online betting sites is one factor that has undermined many in the industry. Kenyan punters are humans, so they are moved by visuals. Unfortunately, many sports betting sites didn’t get the memo – they have continued to use old layouts in their platforms. When shopping for the best online betting sites, assessing their layout should be a priority. This improves the ease of use of the platform, making it possible to place bets in record time – which can be crucial in live betting.


It’s one thing to have a mobile platform for Kenyan punters, but it shouldn’t just end there. The fluidity of the betting site should be impeccable. This reinforces the need for usability to be prioritised. Betting platforms vary in how easy it is to navigate their website. Some could do with a total overhaul in their user-interface. Others appear to have a hang of it. These disparities in usability are often exposed through a betting comparison.

vip cashback melbet nigeria casinon


VIP Program

If you consider yourself a VIP, you might want to factor that in when comparing betting websites. In Kenya, few betting sites have a VIP program which usually consists of higher bets with more comprehensive stake limits, cash rebates, a VIP manager to save you the hassle of reaching the bookmaker and more. To maximise your status as a VIP punter, you need to compare the VIP programs available on the different betting platforms to guarantee a service befitting of your personality.


The average betting site is sparingly loaded with features, but the best sport betting sites have it all. If you’re looking to have fun betting on events, a betting site with a wide range of features and add-ons such as cashback, enhanced odds, more sports, and a diverse array of markets should be the target. By comparing betting sites, you can tell which one has all the desired features and the platforms with a dearth of such.

Payment Methods (Deposit and Withdrawal)

payment icon

Like the average Kenyan punter, is curious about the payment framework of betting platforms. Many football betting sites differ in their acceptable payment methods and the waiting time. At, we tend to judge the best sport betting sites on a lot of variables including the ease of depositing and withdrawing money.

Another critical parameter would be the number of accepted means of funding a sportsbook account and withdrawing winnings. Luckily, this becomes common knowledge when you juxtapose betting sites against one another.


Any platform that involves financial transactions needs to have adequate layers of security to prevent unauthorised persons from accessing the funds. While some betting sites tend to understand the importance of a secure platform, others are mostly negligent. By comparing betting platforms, can tell which one is wanting in its security infrastructure and those that girdled their belts in this aspect.

Customer Service

There are times when you have questions or complaint regarding bets placed or winnings accrued when using a bookmaker. Occasions like this would often necessitate calling the customer support of the betting platform. A timely response to your query will depend on the efficacy of the bookmaker’s customer service representative. Different betting platforms vary in the sort of customer service they offer. Some do offer a 24/7 customer service, which makes them easy to reach. Others only have their customer support operations available on weekends, which is a massive red flag when you consider the number of betting activities that occur during the weekend. Through a comparison of the top 10 betting sites in Kenya, it’s easy to pick out those with efficient customer service from the list of bet sites.

Odds Comparison

In betting, the odds displayed highlights the probability of an event happening. For instance, the odds of both teams scoring in a match between Gor Mahia and AFC Leopards SC is 2.14 at one operator, but the same event has odds of 2.30 at another operator. While this difference isn’t significant, it can have a lot of impact in an accumulator or even a single event with a massive stake.

Often, you might not be aware of these minor differences, but through odds comparison, that could change. When you compare the odds available on betting sites, you could pick out higher prices in specific markets which translates to more massive winnings. Besides the regular discrepancies in prices, bookmakers offer special prices for specific events – tournaments, sports or contest. Their odds are so good that you might want to sign-up to avoid missing out on such prices whenever you need to place a bet on these events. A lot of Kenyan punters have multiple betting accounts so that they can avail themselves of the best prices available.

What makes a betting website good?

RatingWith more bookmakers emerging in the Kenyan gambling arena, it gets tougher to tell which is suitable for making money from betting. Knowledge of which betting platform is outstanding depends on a few things, including:

Available markets

Bookmarkers tend to have a variety of markets, but some provide more markets than others. And this counts for something to the average Kenyan punter as the days of sticking to Win-Draw-Win events are long gone. Also, some Kenyan punters would prefer betting on different sports, so a good betting site should cater to a wide selection of sporting events, not only football.


Kenyan punters place more bets on mobile compared to other platforms, and a smart betting site uses this data to their advantage – by enhancing the fluidity of their mobile interface. Kenyans are busy people, so no one wants to spend hours placing bets. The ease of opening less popular markets and adding selections on a decent betting site should be fast and ridiculously easy.

Impeccable customer service

When placing a bet, mistakes can happen, or issues arise, which might only be resolved by trained personnel from the betting company. A decent betting platform would have customer service personnel reachable via mail. But the best sports betting sites have gone beyond having an expert accessible through an email to phone-calls and live-chats, improving the ease of communication between you and the betting outfit.

Having a betting app

Since Kenyans often use their mobile phones to bet on events, a forward-thinking betting site should have a betting app. By deploying a betting app that is easy to navigate and place bets, the best betting site stands out to be counted in the already saturated gambling industry.

Betway App

Betway App available free-of-charge

Why are bonuses and promotions important?

The betting landscape in Kenya is clustered with numerous online betting sites looking to add to their already bulging list of active punters, so freebies, baptised as bonuses/promotions, are peddled. Many of these bonuses can simply help you to either bet your favorite team or you can even try to experiment and try to bet on some events offering higher odds and go straight for the gold. Bonuses are both given to new customers but also to old-timers.

Bonus Types

Free bets

Ignore the name as this type of bonus is more of insurance coverage than free-money. You will need to place bets with your money, and the bonus comes handy if the bet loses. It’s certainly worth looking out for if you just  want to test the waters before overcoming whatever trepidation you might have.

Deposit Bonus

This is the lure of most bookmarkers as the deposit bonus is quite popular. With this bonus, your deposit is matched to the specified percentage. For instance, you could get a 100% deposit bonus on a deposit of 100KSH.

22bet kenya deposit bonus

Deposit bonus up to 35,000 KES at 22bet

No Deposit Bonus

This is typically a welcome bonus offered when you register on the betting platform. It’s one of the Greek gifts provided by bookmakers to immerse a newbie into betting.

Reload bonus

Similar to the deposit bonus, it matches your deposit to the attached percentage. However, unlike the deposit bonus, the reload option is usually offered to active Kenyan punters to get them to top-up their sportsbook account. Also, it’s often smaller than the deposit bonus, but still worth to keep an eye out for.

How to find the best bonus offer?

If you’d like some of these ‘freebies’, there’s a need to shop around by comparing the bonuses offered by each bookmaker.

Here are standard terms in betting:


This is simply placing bets using a betting site. By placing bets with the bookmaker, you could get decent bonuses like free bets, refer-a-friend and others. Some of these bonuses require that you place a wager.

Minimum Odds

This offers an insight into the possible outcome of events. Many Kenyan punters tend to use their free bets on such odds as they are less likely to lose compared to more considerable odds.


This refers to the timeline for the occurrence of an outcome in a particular event. For instance, you can place bets on goal being scored in a football match before 60 minutes. The bigger the period, the smaller the odds associated with that outcome.

Many bonuses are time-specific, so you might want to use such before it expires.

What is a fair bonus?

A bonus is only fair if it has fewer strings attached, and it’s favourable to the punter. While you might be in a hurry to sign-up to a bookmaker due to its bonuses and promotions, suggests that you take it easy. Many of these bonuses are like bait, and the target is you – the punter. It’s always important to remember that bookmakers are in this business solely for profit, not for charitable causes. Before you pick a betting site with a juicy bonus, look at its terms and conditions associated with such offers.

The Best Betting Sites in Kenya

football iconWhich bookmaker is the best for football?

Kenyans love their football, and one of the ways the youth display this passion for the sport is through betting. To this end, many betting sites offer markets on football events, but stands tall with its vast array of markets, incredulous odds, and easy-to-navigate mobile interface.

tenis iconWhich bookmaker is the best for tennis?

Beyond football, Kenyan punters have found tennis to be quite interesting, and bookmakers are taking notes. While many of these betting platforms are still foot-dragging regarding the sport, Betway already has several markets on major tournaments and events in tennis.

esport iconWhich operator is the best for Esports?

Esports might not be on par with football or other sporting activities in Kenya, but many punters have picked interested in the growing online gaming scene. Many sport betting sites have consolidated their presence in the industry by offering markets on Esports, but Betway remains number one in the business with its extensive array of selections and bigger odds.

basketball icon 1Which bookmaker is the best for basketball?

Though basketball revolves around the motion of a ball, the sport hasn’t reached the height of its sibling – football – in Kenya, but it’s getting traction among enthusiasts and punters alike. Betway offers more markets on basketball compared to other bookmakers, and their odds are relatively better as well.

horse racing.iconWhich operator is the best for horse racing?

Horse racing is a classic in many countries, and Kenyans, though late to the party, are getting acquainted with the sport. With punters looking to win big on favourites and ‘underhorses’ in horse racing, bookmakers are trying to catch-up. Bet365 must have a crystal ball as the betting site has an unbelievable amount of markets, high odds, and a highly-responsive platform.

football iconWhich operator is the best for American sports?

Considering it is called American sports, it’s surprising that Kenyans have taken a liking for it. Punters are rummaging bookmakers in search of those offering events in American sports, and Bet365 has risen to the challenge.

Gambling Regulations in Kenya

Bookmakers operating in the East-African country are expected to abide by stipulations of the Betting, Lotteries and Gambling Act.

Some of these dictates require betting sites to restrain from advertising their activities on social media. If traditional marketing techniques are to be used, then it should come with a warning regarding the impact of gambling. Kenyan punters aren’t exempted from these regulations as the revamped Finance Act 2019 attaches a 20% excise duty on stakes used to place bets. The Act also requires winnings to be taxed as well before being disbursed to the lucky punter.

Which betting sites should I avoid?

With the rise of the best betting sites and their marketing machinery, you might get caught up in a web of confusion regarding which bookmaker has your interest and the ones to avoid. Here are few ways to spot hostile betting sites:

Terms change often

If a bookmaker changes its terms and conditions like Pogba changes haircuts, that’s a red flag. This is often done so the betting platform can circumvent offered bonuses.

Outrageous offers

If a bonus is too good to be true, there’s a significant chance that it’s a trap. There are bookmakers that offer many of these bonuses and promotions to lure unsuspecting punters into using their platform, only for the latter to discover that they have been hoodwinked.

Frequent withdrawal issue

When you notice a betting site is shifty in its withdrawal duties, then you might want to avoid that bookmaker. An insincere betting site is the last thing you want to deal with as a punter.

Fails to disburse winnings

Some bookmakers have cheated punters off their winnings by making incoherent claims regarding their activities. If you have seen a betting platform with such a pattern, avoid them.

Lacks the required license

Through the liberty that comes with the Internet, many people have gone on to set up betting sites without proper licensing. You might want to avoid such bookmakers as they are likely to scam you due to a lack of regulation of their activities.

Are you still skeptical about betting sites? Don’t be! At, we have ensured that all sites in the top list adhere to our strict policies for being a secure operator, and Kenyan punters can rest assured that they’re safe at all time.

FAQ’s for betting in Kenya

What is a risk-free bet?

Like the title implies, this type of bet comes with no risk as you either get your stake back as a free bet or bonus. However, you might not be able to withdraw the funds as most bookmakers require that you use the funds at least once before cashing out.

What is a good betting bonus?

It’s not all bonuses that are worth taking. A good bonus is one that has fewer clauses attached to its use.

Are there any terms and conditions I should be aware of?

Of course, there are always terms and conditions associated with any offer from a bookmaker. You might want to head over to the T&C section of the betting site and confirm it’s something you can handle.

Why didn’t I receive my free bet?

Free bets have requirements, and you have to meet such before you get them. Many betting sites wouldn’t tell you this until it’s time to collect. This explains why it’s vital that you familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions of the free bet before carrying out any task to claim such.

How long do I have to wait for deposits and withdrawals?

Funding a sportsbook account is usually fast as most betting sites tend to perfect the deposit process. Withdrawal timeline will depend on the betting platform, and it could vary with the method of withdrawal you opt for.

Is it legal to use someone else’s debit card details?

Using the card details of another person isn’t advisable as it exposes you to prosecution if the person makes a formal report. If the plaintiff proves the case in court, you could spend years in jail.

Tips from us

When navigating betting sites, here are a few tips that put you on a better footing towards making a sound decision:

Don’t be overwhelmed by the bonuses

Bonuses are marketing gimmicks used by the best betting sites to draw-in punters for the kill. While it doesn’t always work in their favour, you might want to avoid adding to the numbers. You shouldn’t opt for every bonus thrown at you – some are meant to stun and weaken your winning resolve. Therefore, only offers the best betting bonuses on the market, and you can be sure that they’re all carefully selected in order to offer you the best of the best.

Have a favourite sport to bet on

When you have a preferred sporting activity that you like betting on, the list of betting sites to consider gets narrowed down. It also improves your chances of winning, which is what betting is about.

Choose your platform

Just like you should have a sporting event you prefer, there’s also the need to pick a platform through which you can place your bets. While many Kenyan punters prefer using their phones, there’s the minority that are stuck to using the computer.

Different betting sites attach distinct priorities to the platforms. Some betting websites optimise their mobile sites better compared to others. This can affect the user experience and how quickly you place bets, so choose wisely.

Look out for special features

Betting sites are unique in how they perceive Kenyan punters, and this is seen in the upgrades they make to their platforms. You have to keep your eyes out for bookmakers with reasonable incentives like live cash-out, alterable bets and others. These unique features can mitigate loses if appropriately used.

Customer service

You shouldn’t take the customer service of a bookmaker lightly. This could be the difference between a winning bet and a losing one. Certain betting sites have customer representatives that aren’t helpful, regardless of the courtesy attached to the service.


All betting sites bring different things to the table – you will have to decide whose servings suit you. However, this can be tough to achieve without comparing dishes. Kissing a few frogs – bad betting sites – can be avoided if you stick to those betting sites in’s top list as we can guarantee that they adhere to our stringent policies, so they are safe for every Kenyan punter.

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