Best Betting Apps for Mobile Betting in Nigeria

Mobile betting apps are the way forward. Forget about gambling using your computer or laptop. If you want an exciting experience, “on the go”, look no further than a dedicated mobile betting app.

These fantastic tools allow Nigerian customers to place bets from wherever and whenever they like. You can live stream your favourite sporting events and place some brilliant live bets simply by using your smartphone. In this guide, we use our expert knowledge to divulge everything you will ever need to know about betting apps!
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The Best Betting Apps Nigeria 2021

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  • Daily Promotions
  • Quick Bet System
  • 2000+ In Play Events
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  • Watch Live Games
  • Less usage of mobile data
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  • Receive Live Notifications
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  • Cashout Function
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Other Popular Sports Betting Apps

Betting AppPlatformDetailsBonus Offer
BetBonanza Betting App

  • Fastest way to bet on sports
  • Easy to use mobile app interface
  • Check betting results on your mobile
1xbet Betting App

  • App for iOS and Android
  • Hugely efficient and impressive
  • Great design and interface
MelBet Betting App

  • Fastest access to sports betting
  • User-friendly mobile application
  • Bet on the go
NetBet Betting App

  • Betting App available for Download
  • Great experience
  • User-friendly navigation

Mobile Sports Betting Apps for Nigeria

What is a Betting App?

A betting app is a dedicated application that has been produced by software developers. It could be compared to mobile games like Raid Shadow Legends, or Candy Crush Saga. Instead of a fun mobile game, you have a fun mobile betting app.

Using these applications you can do everything that you could on a sportsbook website – make a deposit, claim promotions, place wagers, and watch live sporting action. The main benefit is that you can do all of this from your smartphone or tablet!

Betting apps are the natural evolution of the gambling industry. Mobile apps in general are hugely popular, it therefore makes sense that sportsbooks would also utilize their functionality and popularity, to appeal to a wider audience.

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Which are considered the best betting apps and what makes them standout?

It is a sad fact that not all betting apps are reputable or worthwhile. But fear not – we know this and have thus created a list of the best betting apps available. We look at top apps like 888-sport, Betfair, Bet365, and Betway and ensure that you can choose from only the top companies in the industry.

At you can trust the information we provide. We have an expert team of reviewers and testers who look at different sportsbooks and their mobile apps. Specifically, we look at the quality of the app, its navigation, performance, and features. In addition, we also look at specific things like live streaming, in-pay bets, and cash out options.

If you look through our website, you can find the best betting apps available for Nigerian players.

Why is mobile betting so popular?

netbet nigeria betting appsYou may wonder why this form of betting has become so popular for Nigerian customers. Why not just use your computer or laptop? Mobile betting is a true revolution – it offers so much freedom and possibilities including:

  • You don’t have to sit at a computer
  • You don’t have to spend time setting your laptop up
  • You can place bets whenever and wherever you like
  • Apps often provide specific bonuses for mobile users
  • You can socialize and place bets with your friends
  • You can check on live scores and results conveniently

In short, you are not confined to your study or to sitting on your sofa with a laptop. You can place bets as and when you like, and all it takes is opening an app on your smartphone or tablet! The convenience is unrivalled.

Browser vs. Dedicated Betting Apps

It is important to recognize the distinction between betting app, and mobile browser version. These are two very different products and some sportsbooks falsely advertise their mobile browser sites as a betting app:

Mobile browser version for betting apps

This is essentially a version of the main sportsbook website that has been modified for use on mobile devices. It will usually have a responsive layout and design that fits automatically to the size of your smartphone browser screen. You typically access these sites through mobile browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox.

The main drawback with these mobile browser sites is that they are not a truly standalone program – they are essentially a differently coded version of the main website. In addition, the screen size is often reduced to accommodate the browser features like tabs and scroll bar.

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Dedicated betting app version

Dedicated apps are actual coded applications that have been developed specifically. You do not use a web browser to access a sportsbook app – you open the application directly and run it like a game. The main drawback of these apps is that they take up space on your smartphones storage.

A brief history of “betting on the go”

Sports betting using mobile devices has not always been possible. Before smartphones were sufficiently advanced, online betting was limited to websites. In addition, many websites offered downloadable software that you could use on laptops – this was as close to mobile gambling as you could get.

As technology progressed, smartphones and tablets became more advanced. They had internet capabilities, larger screens, and more powerful processors. This meant that sportsbooks could expand into web-browser based mobile gambling.

Before dedicated apps were commonplace, mobile sports gambling was mainly done using web browsers on smartphones. As the popularity of mobile games and apps increased, sportsbooks steadily started to create dedicated gambling apps.

Regulations and legal requirements

The National Lottery Regulatory Commission 150x150There is often confusion about the legality of mobile betting apps, and their course of due care.

The company who operates the mobile betting app must have a valid license to operate in a specific jurisdiction

For example, the 888-sport betting app does not have a license. However, the company 888 Group who own and operate the app have a gambling license issued by the UK Gambling Commission. This means that it is completely legal and legitimate. In Nigeria, bookmakers must obtain a license from the Nigerian Lottery Commission to operate legally.

Mobile betting apps should also promote responsible gambling. If anything, mobile platforms have a greater responsibility to promote responsible gambling as you can gamble much easier using a smartphone.

arrow betting iconSimple navigation for betting apps

For a mobile betting app to be effective, it must have a simple navigation. This means that you can easily navigate to different areas of the app. Ideally, the navigation should be collapsible i.e. you should be able to press an icon and the main navigation appears.

Also, there should be clear sections for the following:

  • In-play bets
  • Pre-match bets
  • Promotions
  • Sport categories

Essentially, you should be able to access anything within one or two touches. Most smartphone and tablet gambling apps are designed in such a way – they provide a fantastic user experience and make placing bets a smooth process.

arrow betting iconLive betting with mobile apps

In modern mobile gambling, customers now have access to live betting. Live betting uses wagers and odds that change depending on the current outcome of the live action. Instead of placing pre-bets – bets at fixed odds before a sporting event, you can place bets as the event unfolds.

Smartphone and tablet platforms should ideally provide the same selection of live bets that you can find on the full website version of the sportsbook.

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arrow betting iconLive streaming with mobile apps

One amazing feature of betting apps is that you can often stream live sporting events and watch the action whilst you place bets! This is an amazing feature and complements live betting as you can watch the games and get a feel for the flow of play.

Please note that not all mobile betting programs have live streaming capabilities.

In most instances, the sportsbook will offer a limited selection of live streaming coverage. This is usually the most popular sporting events – for example, the most popular football teams, or finals from Tennis grand slam matches.

In addition to the live streaming, most betting apps will also provide a live stream of statistics and information that you can analyse. In football games, for example, this could include stats like number of corners and free kicks, or how many yellow cards there have been. You can also often see past game data and stats on the team’s previous performances.

This wealth of information and live streaming provides a brilliant, immersive experience when using betting apps.

arrow betting iconMobile bonuses

When using a betting app, you still have access to promotions and bonuses. Some platforms even provide specific bonus for mobile customers only. It is always advisable to check if a promotion is tied to a specific platform – most are platform neutral, but some may only be available to desktop or mobile customers.

The following are some of the most common mobile bonuses you can find:

  • Welcome offers: for new registered mobile users only
  • Free bets: small value free bets, often with minimum odds
  • Free cash: small values of free cash to use on any sports, often with minimum odds
  • Reload bonus: deposit bonuses or free cash if you are down on your luck
  • Deposit bonus: % bonus relating to how much cash you deposit
  • Enhanced odds: Improved odds on sporting bets you place

These bonuses are usually for both mobile platforms and websites. The welcome offer or free bet offer is the most common variation specifically for mobile customers.

arrow betting iconUser Experience for mobile betting

User experience is highly important for mobile betting apps. These applications often include a myriad of technology that isn’t available in the full browser versions. This is because smartphones and tablets have greater flexibility. The following are four features of mobile apps that can enhance your user experience:

arrow betting app in nigeriaCash out option

The cash out feature is one of our favourite options. This is typically available for live-play bets. The cash out feature effectively allows you to close your bet before the final result. This can lead to one of two things:

  • If your bet is wining, you will receive a reduced profit
  • If your bet is losing, you will receive some of your stake back

This is a brilliant feature if you are unsure of the outcome, or if you can see that the flow of a match is steadily turning. Using a cash out feature, you can either reduce your losses, or earn a smaller profit before the bet loses completely.

arrow betting app in nigeria

Bet builder

Bet building in another brilliant feature. Let’s say that you are watching an English Premier League match – Tottenham vs. Manchester United. You want to place a few different bets. Using the bet builder feature you can do this.

A bet builder would allow you to select various different bets, at different odds. For example, you could select Harry Kane to score, Tottenham to win, and predict that there will be 10 corners. Once you have select all of the bets, the bet builder would then calculate an overall odds and value for your bet!

arrow betting app in nigeria

Push notifications

Smartphones and tablets can receive notifications – these are known as push notifications. The app will push information to you that you may find useful.

Sportsbook betting apps often provide excellent push notifications. These could be odds on upcoming games, latest live scores, or even a progress update on current live bet slips you have.

arrow betting app in nigeria

Faster loading times

Smartphones and tablets today are hugely powerful. The technology has advanced, and we can now do so much more with these handheld devices. In addition, 4G, 5G and WiFi connectivity means that we have access to amazing bandwidth speeds for our handheld devices.

These two factors combined means that betting apps have excellent loading times. When the technology was relatively new, the apps were slow, and clunky. This is now not the case – you can enjoy a smooth and fast betting experience!

arrow betting iconSecurity using betting apps

Many people refrain from using betting apps because they believe they are unsafe. They assume that because the app is used on a smartphone or tablet, that it must be unsafe! This is simply not true. Smartphone programs offer incredible security and in some instances, better security than the online browser versions of sportsbooks.

security icon betting nigeria

Typical security measures include:

  • SSL encryption for data transferals
  • Payment gateway protection
  • Two-factor authentication for account login

SSL encryption (either 128-bit or 256-bit) is an industry security standard. This is one of the most basic things an app can have. It essentially turns any data into an unreadable form so that it cannot be intercepted and used.

Payment gateway protection is also common – this could be provided by a third-party company, or the payment provider itself.

Another excellent security measure you should take, is using two-factor authentication, or advanced authentication if it is available. Many betting apps offer advanced login authentication.

This means that an extra step is added aside from entering your username and password. For example, you may have to use a third-party authentication app like Authy or Google Authenticator. Using an additional authentication method like this prevents fraud and will prevent someone else from using your account illegally.

arrow betting iconDeposit & Withdrawal Methods

We believe that the average users thinks making a deposit or withdrawal via a mobile betting app is difficult. There is no real difference at all from using your computer – you are simply using a different device. The process itself remains the same.

If anything, making a payment via a betting app is often easier – this is due to technology like Apple Pay and Android Pay that can make the process incredibly quick on smartphones. Deposits are instantly through your smartphone app. In addition, if the sportsbook doesn’t charge deposit processing fees, you should not have any fees on the smartphone version either. On many apps you can store your payment methods too so that you can use them quickly in the future.

When using a mobile betting app you should also have access to a wide range of withdrawal methods.
Mobile apps give you the unique chance to use mobile-specific withdrawal methods like Apple Pay and Android Pay.
In terms of withdrawal processing times, we would expect to see no difference from the full websites. The same technology and payment gateways are used. Therefore, the overall processing time should be exactly the same.

In addition to this, we would not expect to see any different withdrawal fees or limits imposed for mobile users. In short, the only difference should be the medium that you are using i.e. your smartphone or tablet. Betting apps should still allow you to make withdrawals quickly, and receive your bet winnings in a reasonable time.

Sportsbook betting apps still provide the same deposit methods including:

Deposit MethodsWithdrawal Methods
Visa ElectronVisa Electron
Bank TransferBank Transfer
Apple PayApple Pay
Android PayAndroid Pay

arrow betting iconRegulations

It is a common misconception that the best betting apps do not need a license to operate. This is partially true, but not for the reasons you may think.

The mobile app itself doesn’t need a license to operate. However, the company that develops and owns the software must have a valid gambling license. If the company does not have a valid license, you must stay away from the software at all costs.

The following are some reputable licensing authorities that provide gambling licenses:

  • UK Gambling Commission
  • Malta Gaming Authority
  • Gibraltar Gambling Commission
  • Alderney Gambling Control Commission

It is important that you check that your Nigerian betting app has a license. In most cases, the license information is displayed at the bottom of the mobile app – in the footer section. You should be able to see a link to the license, and the license number.

If you cannot find the information here, we advise checking out the official sportsbook website of the company. The website should display their licensing information clearly in the footer section of their site. Always check that the license is valid, and that it is in-date also.

arrow betting iconCustomer Support

Customer support is of vital important for mobile betting apps. Just because you are using a mobile app, it does not mean that you should not have access to quality customer service.

What happens if you have an issue with a payment? Or if your application crashes whilst you were placing
a bet? You should hopefully not need to contact customer service with the fantastic mobile betting apps we recommend. However, if you should, you want confidence that you can speak to someone quickly, and that they will be able to help.

The most common method of customer service for betting apps is a live chat. Live chats have become increasingly popular due to their ease of use and quick access. In addition, they are free to use, and you don’t have to go through the nerve-racking fiasco of speaking to someone!

Usually, mobile betting apps will have a live chat option. If not, the second most common support method is phone line. This makes sense – if you are using your smartphone, you can simply ring the customer support team directly from your device.

How to sign up from a mobile betting app

Bet9ja Mobile betting App
So how do you use a mobile betting app? The process is relatively straightforward. Some sportsbooks allow you to use an account that you have registered with the full browser version. In this instance, you would simply need to open the app and login using your existing account details. If not, the following steps usually apply:

  1. Download the betting app from the correct location.
  2. Install the application on your device.
  3. Open the application.
  4. Find the register link.
  5. Follow the registration instructions.
  6. Complete and verify the registration process.

On both iOS and Android smartphones, once you download the application, the installation is usually automatic. If you do not already have an account, you will then have to register a new one. This involves providing personal details like your email, address, and date of birth.

Verification for smartphone betting apps is often completed via text. For example, you may be sent an authorisation code that you have to enter into the mobile app before you can complete the process and login.

Betting on different devices

Mobile betting apps are not universal – it is important to remember this. You must download different versions of the programs for different operating systems. In this section we take a look at what betting is like on different devices and which ones are particularly popular:

Android betting apps

The Android operating system is one of the most popular available. Many phones use the Android operating systems including Samsung Galaxy phones and Google Pixel phones. Android devices are particularly popular in the UK and Europe.

Android betting apps are generally renowned for their quality and reliability. The Android operating system is robust and you are guaranteed a great and smooth experience when using mobile apps on this OS.

Apple betting apps – iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch Apps

The second largest OS is of course iOS from Apple. Apple has a myriad of different devices that you can use betting apps on including iPads, iPhones, and Apple watches. Apple devices are popular in Asia and North America.

As with Android apps, betting apps developed for iOS also generally offer a fantastic betting experience. The devices usually utilize the latest technology and are incredibly powerful.

Windows Phone and Windows Tablets

Microsoft has relatively fallen out of the mobile industry and they haven’t released a new smartphone for several years. However, older versions of the Lumia phones do support mobile betting apps. In addition, you can download mobile betting apps on the Microsoft Surfacebook laptops and tablets.

It is looking that Microsoft will partner with Android for its future products – you can therefore expect

Blackberry betting apps

Blackberry has suffered greatly in recent years and failed to capitalize on the modernization of smartphone technology. Whilst they pioneered smartphones with their popular keyboard phones, they fell behind the Android and Apple giants. It is therefore not common to play mobile betting apps on Blackberry devices.

Is there any differences in the same betting app on different devices?

You can use mobile betting apps on different platforms like Apple, Android, and Windows. How does the experience compare between different operating systems? Is there much difference in the content and visual display?

In most instances, companies will develop separate mobile apps for different operating systems. This is because the OS run on different scripts and have different processes. However, the core layout, style, and usability of the apps will remain the same regardless of OS. This is because companies want to have a sense of consistency in their products.

Application size

It is a well-known fact that Android applications are usually much smaller in size than iOS apps. This is generally due to the underlying Swift code used to create iOS apps and the development process.

In general, you will find that iOS betting apps can be 5x larger in size than the Android equivalent. Therefore, if an Android betting app were 50mb, the iOS equivalent would be 250mb+. This is something to consider when downloading apps in relation to your available storage space.

1xbet mobile betting apps

1XBet offer Betting App for both Android and iOS

Features and layout

As mentioned above, developers will try to keep the style and features of the apps consistent. You will usually find that Android, iOS, and Microsoft apps look the same, have the same layout, and work in much the same way.

Markets covered

Finally, you will always find that different app variations cover the exact same markets and sports. The different apps will draw their information from the same databases and sources. We would not expect to see any variation in the sports offered, or the individual betting markets.

Warning signs

warning signs betting appsUnfortunately not all betting apps are legitimate. Therefore, you must be aware of the warning signs and how you can avoid scam apps. To eliminate the possibility of using a scam app, always use a download link from a reputable source – like our website, or directly from the sportsbook provider.

Don’t fall for scam apps

If you look through the Play Store or Apple Store you will see hundreds of different sportsbook apps. However, some of these will be scam apps. These are fake applications that have been developed purely to trick customers and scam them out of money or data.

A key to spotting scam apps is to look at the customer reviews. In both the Play Store and Apple Store you can read customer reviews. Check the reviews and see what customers have to say – you will hopefully see comments that clearly state the app is a scam.

In addition, look at the average rating, and check to see if the app has a verified icon next to it. If it has a verified icon next to it, you know that it is the official product.

What can happen if you use a scam app?

There are numerous outcomes from using a scam app, notably:

  • Having your payment details stollen
  • Loosing money directly
  • Having your personal data stollen

Some scam apps will directly try to steal cash and your card details. You may, for example make a deposit and place some bets on what you think are real matches. However, you may find that your cash has simply been stollen.

Alternatively, many scam apps will simply try to gather your personal data. They will then sell this personal data to marketing companies.

Have confidence as we only recommend licensed, reputable apps

Luckily, we know how to spot scam apps! Using our website, you can see a list of reputable, licensed sportsbook betting apps that are safe to use. We have extensive knowledge of the sportsbook industry and know which apps are legitimate.

What is the most common questions about Mobile Betting?

Should I download more than one mobile betting app?

Yes! There is no reason why you shouldn’t download more than one mobile betting app. You can then compare odds and see which platform offers the best odds on sporting events.

Where should I start with mobile betting as I am new to this scene?

First take a look at our recommendations to see which are the best betting apps. We have created a list of apps you can download for free. Once you have downloaded an app, take time to get used to how it looks and works. Familiarize yourself with the betting slip, the game selection, and the navigation.

Are mobile betting apps safe to use?

Yes! The best betting apps will have just as much security as full website versions of sportsbooks. You can expect SSL encryption for data transferals, and payment protection too.

Do mobile betting apps and sites have exclusive promotions?

Sometimes, yes. Some sportsbooks will offer exclusive promotions if you download and use the mobile app. Others will keep their promotions exactly the same, regardless of the platform used.

Can you download these applications for free?

Yes. We have not yet seen a mobile betting app that you have to pay for to download. You can usually download them for free from locations like the Play Store, Apple Store, or Microsoft Store.

Can you only use mobile betting apps on Apple devices?

This depends on how it has been developed. Usually, most companies that have mobile apps will make them available for popular mobile operating systems including Apple, Android, and Microsoft.

Do mobile betting apps have less content than the full website?

In most instances no. The only main difference is usually the game library. Some games may only be available for use on web browsers – therefore, you could expect a slightly smaller game library

Can I use my betting app in different countries?

Yes, providing that you still have an internet or 4G connection. Mobile apps are usually not country specific – they are native to the device you are using them on.

Can I cash out before my bet is complete on a mobile app?

Some sportsbooks do provide cash out offers. Cashing out returns some of your original stake based on the current gameplay – you cannot cash the bet in, however, once the game is concluded.

Are mobile gambling apps legal?

Yes! Although this depends on the jurisdiction that you live in! Always check that online gambling is legal in your country first. If it is, and the sportsbook is licensed, then you can legally use the mobile betting app.

Can I safely give my card details to these applications?

Yes! Mobile apps have just as many security measures as the full browser version, You can give your payment details with confidence knowing that they will remain secure.

Final Thoughts about mobile betting apps

Mobile betting apps are great tools to use. If you want to play on the go and have greater freedom with your sportsbook gambling, a mobile betting app is an absolute must!

Using betting apps, you can place wagers on your favourite sports games and teams whenever, and wherever you like. You do not have to be sat at your computer or laptop.

Also, you can socialize and have some fun betting on sports games with your friends. These apps are great social tools and allow you explore a whole new world of sportsbook betting. To see what we mean, why not download some of the apps we have listed above and enter the world of mobile sports gambling today?