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Happy World Cup day one and all! The tournament is set to kick off in just a matter of hours, as fans around the globe prepare themselves for a month of non-stop football. Many supporters like to enjoy the spectacle by just sitting and watching the games on a day by day basis, but others want to go that next step and try to win some money off of the fierce competition. With 1XBET, you’ll have the chance to do that in a big way.

In one of the most fascinating World Cup betting markets you can find, they’re offering 10 prizes depending on the success of your larger than life predictions. We say larger than life because the website gives you the opportunity to predict who will come from 1st to 4th in every single group before you also predict the exact scoreline of every knockout game from the round of 16 all the way through to the final itself. Naturally, we’re going to have plenty of Super Eagles fans out there who are going to want to back Nigeria all the way, and we’ve laid out a possible route to World Cup glory as an example. We’ve predicted that they’ll top Group D ahead of Argentina, they’ll defeat Peru 2-1 in the RO16, then Portugal 3-1 in the quarter-finals, before a 1-0 triumph over Germany in the final four which sets them up perfectly to defeat favourites Brazil 2-0 in the final. If all of that happens, then we’d be in with a chance of winning one of ten truly incredible prizes. From 10th to 1st place, these are the rewards that are up for grabs: progressive financial gain (from 10th to 7th), a Samsung Galaxy Note 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, Range Rover Evoque, Audi Q7, and finally, a Bentley Bentayga.

1XBET - World Cup 2018 Prediction

1XBET – World Cup 2018 Prediction

All that you need to do for each entry, respectively, is as follows: Name the WC finalists and the correct score in 90 minutes (10th), predict the gold silver & bronze winners (9th), name the winner of each group (8th), predict who will come 1st & 2nd in all groups (7th), predict the 1st to 4th standings in all groups (6th), predict the correct standings in each group and the third place play-off winner (5th), predict the correct team standings (4th), predict the correct team standings and score in one of the quarter-finals (3rd), one of the semi-finals (2nd), and one of the finals (1st). It sounds complicated, but once you hop on the site, you’ll soon realise just how easy it is. So if you’re sat there wanting to benefit from Nigeria’s World Cup run, then get moving now!

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