SUREBET247 offers a 2018 World Cup Reward

Surebet WC cup reward

Betting during the World Cup can be an unforgiving prospect, especially when there are just so many games to choose from. The unpredictability of some of the games can cause you to slip up in places that you couldn’t have previously imagined – unless, of course, we’re talking about The Super Eagles, who we’re backing to seriously surprise some people over the course of the next few weeks.

Alas, even when bets are lost, there’s always room for redemption, especially if you invest in this offer by Surebet247. The 2018 World Cup Reward allows you to receive up to ₦5,000 in refunds on your lost bets, providing that you use a minimum of ₦20,000 throughout the tournament. That means that while you may be disappointed to lose some money in the early days of the group stages, you’ll get another shot at redemption almost immediately to take with you into the domestic season.

SUREBET 247 - World Cup 2018 calendar

SUREBET 247 – World Cup 2018 calendar

All that you need to do in order to officially qualify is log into your Surebet247 account, opt-in for the promotion, and if things don’t quite go your way, then you’ll get another bite of the cherry. Unfortunately, you’re only able to take part once per account, but given that this is the equivalent of a second lifeline in gaming, this should be more than enough to help you regain your betting momentum. If you work in decimal points then all bets must have minimum odds of 1.2 for singles and combos, and while that may throw some people off if you’re planning on doing a rolling accumulator, this is the World Cup – and risks need to be taken in order to receive the rewards!

Obviously many fans will be hoping that even if they opt in, they won’t even need it to come off as they believe wholeheartedly they’ll win their initial bet. While we applaud your optimism, nobody can plan for what’s to come in this tournament, as proven by the fact that Russia destroyed Saudi Arabia 5-0. ₦5,000 will be more than enough to help you celebrate over the next few weeks as Nigeria continue their hopeful path towards World Cup glory, and while you may be feeling the WC blues once the curtain comes down on the final in Moscow, never fear: because the European leagues will be back underway within a few weeks as the likes of Victor Moses, Alex Iwobi, Wilfred Ndidi and more will be looking to capitalise on Nigeria’s campaign – and you’ll be able to bet on them to do so.

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