Pinnacle Review
  • Highest odds on the market
  • Largest betting limits available
  • Free of charge deposits and withdrawals

Pinnacle Review: Odds, Bonus and Offer

If we utter the words‚‘‘Pinnacle‘‘ it may not ring the same bells as any of the more household names in the online Sports book world, however, they are one of the original and longest serving online bookmakers out there, so let us give you an idea of who they are and what they do with this Pinnacle review.

Regulation Curacao
Betting markets over 20
Support Only E-mail
Currently no Welcome Bonus


About Pinnacle

Pinnacle is a highly varied online bookmaker who started up over 20 years ago, and they have consistently provided services ever since. Unlike other great sportsbooks, they are based on the Dutch Carribean island of Curacao. Pinnacle are fully licensed and regulated by the Government of the Netherlands Antilles which require them to have the funds in place to deliver the winnings to their players 24/7. They also gained a remote Maltese Gaming license in 2015, enabling them to step into the regulated markets.

pinnacle review

The following year saw  the company rebranding, dropping the Sports from Pinnacle Sports after they acquired a domain, (though you may still hear punters affectionately call the site Pinnacle Sports) After years of establishing themselves well in the industry, Pinnacle are able to offer their services in over 100 countries worldwide and in a staggering 19 languages, they boast themselves as being one of the largest sports books worldwide.

It goes without saying Pinnacle is a huge betting operation (some state over a billion dollars a year in revenue), though they continue to go about what they do best in a very simplistic grass roots way. Pinnacle rarely promote themselves in places above the line and have stepped away from vast attention-grabbing campaigns

With such an impressive amount of time and experience behind them, Pinnacle has worked hard to keep up to date with the latest markets. They were the first online bookmakers to offer Drone racing odds, and the innovators of eSports betting, we will explain some more of the creativity they have implemented in this all eyes and all ears Pinnacle Review.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

So now we have gathered Pinnacle have been in the field for donkey’s years and should know how to keep the punters happy, let’s take a moment to highlight some of the great and not so great stuff they do.

  • They have the largest betting limits available online…in the whole world!
  • Did we mention already they are super innovative and frequently coming up with novel betting ideas?
  • Throughout the site a plethora of guides and tips can found for you to up your game, whether you are a complete novice or a seasoned bettor there’s always something new to learn.
  • They don’t offer a whole host of promotions to lure you in, which in this day and age of online sportsbooks appearing here there and everywhere it almost seems unimaginable not to offer players a warm welcome for choosing them. (It also means we can’t scrutinize the bonus deals for you in this Pinnacle Review)
  • Unlike many big sportsbooks, they do promise not to restrict or ban successful players as well as big winners.
  • They stepped away from the U.S markets, which obviously isn’t great if you are from those territories.
  • Customers from the U.K and Spain are also prohibited.
  • They have considerably less proposition markets than their closest sports counterparts.
  • With regards to customer support Pinnacle only provide help in email form.

Betting Markets and Odd’s Quality

Being the biggest fish in the online sportsbook market it will come as no surprise that the odds quality and betting markets are razor sharp. Pinnacle proudly offers the best odds on the market when it comes to the classic bets such as a match result or the total number of goals/points. This also applies to pre match and in play odds. If you take your betting seriously, you must have an account with them. It’s not just themselves claiming their odds are the best, rating sites such as OddsPortal rank Pinnacle at the coveted number one spot with an average payout of 96.90% and margin of 3.10%.

Most sports betting sites lure customers by promoting attractive welcome or sign up offers (such as free bets or cash bonuses). Now, although these missing packages may be considered a negative for some bettors Pinnacle compensate by providing far greater betting lines. Experienced players tend to seek the best lines to wager a bet, and if that is you Pinnacle are the sportsbook for you.

The main principle of Pinnacle is to forfeit profit margins (profit per bet) and concentrate on volume (more bets with smaller margins), cleverly this does not impact betting limits on the games, as Pinnacle offer the highest limits on the market.

Do Pinnacle offer in-play betting?

The short answer here is yes, Pinnacle offers an impressive in-play choice for betting eSports. For major sporting events you can rely on the speedy in-play betting option but for more elusive games we found them not as fast. In-play betting can be considered as another great feature to the growing positive list for Pinnacle.


The interface is smooth and slick, Pinnacle use the popular ASI software as their betting platform. Although it is widely used in the field, Pinnacle have enhanced the software to such a high standard you wouldn’t even recognize it. It seems to be one of the glossiest and easiest to use sportsbooks around, and not over cluttered like many of its closest rivals.

Pinnacle’s live betting interface doesn’t let the high standards slip, there are a variety of options to choose from not to mention it is incredibly speedy and straight forward to use.

Pinnacle also offer the opportunity to bet in Decimal odds or American odds, the site also contains lots of useful information such as betting tips, guides and rules for specific games. Placing a bet is relatively straight forward and we can’t see any way in which you could slip up easily.

As we mentioned earlier their wagers are the highest limit in the world, they have famously accepted wagers beyond the million zero figures on significant sporting events.

Betting Coverage

As a sportsbook Pinnacle have just about everything covered from NBA to Premier League. We felt it is somewhat ironic that Pinnacle offer some of the best lines on American Sports despite the fact players from the U.S cannot play. Pinnacle are also renowned for its cracking Asian Handicap bets on football games.

Champions League Final at Pinnacle

Champions League Final at Pinnacle

If it is the Asian handicaps you are after, Pinnacle are the place for you. They provide wagers on money lines, goal lines and no end of extra markets. One minor negative to consider is that the variety of markets for in-play betting is somewhat limited, although recently the Pinnacle sports live offers are seeing a positive turn.

One area where Pinnacle have overlooked a touch is horse racing. Our rationale being the markets for this are somewhat limited although the odds provided are typically right on par with their closest competitors, stealing the glory the bookmaker possesses in other markets. Don’t get us wrong, they do cover it but nothing notably innovative.

Here are just a few of the other sports up for your attention on Pinnacle: Boxing, mixed martial arts, swimming, Australian football, tennis, poker, baseball, basketball, table tennis, cricket, hockey, darts, volleyball, water polo motor racing as well as Olympic events.

We also must inform you that aside of sports, Pinnacle do offer traditional casino games and even Bingo.

First things first, what are eSports?

For those of you that have been out of the loop Esports are in effect professional video gaming competitions. ESports are not played between a group of pals with shared interested in gaming, but between experienced teams in immense stadiums. Esports are organized with vast screens so thousands of fans can see the games. The same as any major sports game like football or baseball, eSports teams are vividly supported.

In places such as Korea millions of people watch Esports, and the trend sweeping across Europe shows no signs of slowing down. Esports are seriously big business, estimated to be worth close to 1.5 billion dollars by 2020 by experts in the field. Currently some players are competing for incredible prizes of up to 24 million dollars, and this is showing no sign of slowing down.

Esports with Pinnacle

eSports At Pinnacle

As the original home of eSports, Pinnacle have managed to stay on top of tough competition over the years. They cover a scope of events with their trademark high bet limits. On the site you will also find an area within the eSports section that includes information for upcoming tournaments, as well as guides and advice for new bettors.

Esports is categorized with traditional sports, like most online bookmakers, though on Pinnacle it does have an individual tab right in the center of the screen, close to the ‘’Live Casino’’ area. The presence on the site is strong, it also appears on the home page as one of the six key markets alongside MLB and the Premier League. You really cannot miss eSports with Pinnacle and it is worth a moment to cast your eye over what is up for grabs.

When it comes to the variety of Esports on offer, Pinnacle provides the main markets as well as more elusive games that other online bookmakers are not yet featuring. Pinnacle offers massive games such as Counter-strike, Global Offensive, League of Legends, Overwatch and Starcraft 2. According to Statista, the statistics portal, League of legends is the most widely played game on earth, with over 100 million players a month. Whatever eSport tickles your fancy you can bet that Pinnacle have got it covered.

Mobile app

It wouldn’t be a fair Pinnacle review if we didn’t mention the ease and accessibility of the mobile app. Pinnacle offer a straightforward mobile experience, they have named the app Pinnacle Lite should you look for it in the app store. It is available on both Android and Apple as well as through the mobile site.

In addition, you can readily set an alert for odds, make deposits and withdraw your money with minimal hassle. It’s also possible to develop your betting slip without the requirement of being signed in. The practicability and ease of the app makes the sportsbook the ideal go to if you are someone who never stays desktop.

Opening an account

Creating an account with Pinnacle sports betting is super straightforward. You will notice they tend to delve a little deeper when it comes to security checks and verification before you can be active. It might seem a bit of a hassle but with