NairaBet Promotions to Keep an Eye on During This Spring and Summer

NairaBet First Bet Promotion

NairaBet is one of the most visited online sportsbooks in Nigeria. The reason for that is that they keep players engaged with exciting promotions and bonuses. Moreover, they keep adding new promotions from time to time and always have several of them on offer.

With the football seasons from worldwide major leagues slowly reaching their end and with action-packed summer just around the corner, NairaBet has prepared a multitude of generous promotions you can use the next time you decide to wager on some sports events.

nairbet-promotionThe website currently has several great offers. Here, we will mention some of the main ones.

NairaBet Goalless Draw Money Back

This promotion works when you place a single bet on any English Premier League match. If the game finishes with a goalless draw (0:0), you will get a full refund. So if you decide to bet on either the home or away team to win the game, you will get your money back if there are no goals in the match. On the other hand, if you bet on a straight draw, your winnings will stay the same.

As the Premier League season is nearing its end, this promotion won’t be worth much in the offseason. However, it is likely that NairaBet will offer the same deal since the next season begins at the end of summer.

One Game Miss Money Back

Sports punters know all about the pain of losing by just one game. With most online bookies, you will just lose your stake without the chance of recovering. However, NairaBet has an interesting offer that makes that one miss a little less painful.

Namely, if you place ten or more games on your payslip and only one doesn’t go your way, NairaBet will give you a fragment of the potential sum you could have won.

But there are some conditions. You have to place ten games on your ticket and each game needs to have the odds of over 1.2. The win is calculated by subtracting the bonus and by dividing the total with the odds of the game you missed. From then on, the result is divided by ten or more, depending on the number of games you had on the ticket.

Cash Out

Do you want to play it safe and cash out even before the game finishes? If the answer is yes, you will be happy to know that NairaBet offers great cash out opportunities for both live play and pre-match bets.

Namely, every time you want to cash out, regardless of whether your ticket is winning or losing, you can do so by playing on the website. The money you can win as compensation will vary during the game and it’s based on the result of the game at the time you choose to cash out. If you select this option for pre-match bets, you can only do so for one game after you’ve guessed correctly on a set of previous games.

Edit Your Bets

One of the most unique promotions on NairaBet website is the Edit Your Bets option. NairaBet claims that this is a one of a kind promotion in Africa.

The promotion is just what it sounds like. A player will be able to edit his/her bets even after placing and submitting them. This is especially useful if you change your mind after submitting a bet or if something unexpected that you feel might change the outcome of the game you wagered on happens.

Just like other promos, this one has several conditions as well. You are allowed to edit bets as long as there’s a minimum of five of them on your payslip. You can also remove bets, as long as there are at least five of them left on the ticket. Moreover, the player is allowed to add more games to the payslip or raise the stakes, but not reduce them. Only one edit per payslip is possible and the option is available for all sports markets on the NairaBet website.

Customer to Customer Transfers

While this is not a promotion of any kind, it’s still a nice feature that is worth mentioning. If you have a friend who uses NairaBet and you want to send or receive money to/from that person, you can do that easily with the Epp Ya Padi feature. The minimum transfer is ₦50 and you can transfer up to ₦1000 per day.

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