Collect Frequent Player Points at LionsBet to Improve Your Balance

At this very time, LionsBet Nigeria is running a number of potentially lucrative promotions for new and existing customers. One of those promotions is the Frequent Player Points promotion. The short of it is – the more you play, the more points you win. Once you reach a sum of 1,000 points, you are able to redeem them for money.

First of all, to be able to enjoy all the promotions LionsBet online betting has to offer, you have to register your account and make a small deposit. To do that, you need to be a Nigerian citizen and at least 18 years of age. LionsBet advises potential new users that betting is a form of entertainment and that you should only play if you can stay responsible and in control of your wagers. Once you have registered an account, you can log in and choose the promotion you are interested in, which in this case is the Frequent Player Points (FPP) promotion.

How does it work?

The basic principle is that the FPP allows you to accumulate points every time you place a bet through the website or the mobile app. These points are redeemable. There is a “Frequent Player Points meter” which illustrates how many points you have at any given point. If you go to “My account”, then “Bonus” and you scroll down, that’s where you will find it. When you reach a 1,000 points you have two options; either to withdraw the points in the form of money or use the amount to place a wager.

LionsBet - Frequent Player Points

LionsBet – Frequent Player Points

If you want to redeem all the points, just click on the “Payout” option and the points will be exchanged into Nigerian Naira and credited to your balance. Once your balance is updated, you can do with it as you like.

For each bet of a minimum NKN 100 and minimum unique odds of 1.2 you get one point. Each point is worth one Nigerian Naira in cash terms. So, the more bets you place, or the larger the stake is, the more points you get and you can reach the 1,000 points mark that much faster. This promotion doesn’t cost you anything but it rewards you every time you submit a bet.

LionsBet is a licensed online sports betting and gaming site. Apart from sports betting on a variety of sports and live sports betting, betting on virtual games and slot playing are also available.

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