LIONS BET’s Mega Jackpot ₦5.000.000

LIONS BET - Mega Jackpot

From Brazil and Germany all the way down to Panama and Saudi Arabia, there’s something for everyone this year at the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The group stage is often seen as one of the best parts of the tournament with bizarre pairings and games between teams you otherwise wouldn’t care about, which encapsulates the spirit of the World Cup perfectly. Now, thanks to LionsBet, you’ll have the chance to change your life forever courtesy of the Mega Jackpot offer which will run over the course of the next few weeks.

The promotion has already been running throughout the month of June and will continue to do so until the 28th, and while you may prefer to focus your attention on the knockout rounds of the tournament, this offer should be more than enough to change your mind. Essentially, all you need to do is place a bet of N500 or above and your bet slip must contain 20 separate games from throughout the group stage. If at least 15 of your 20 bets wind up being correct, you’ll end up qualifying for the joint 5million Naira money bag – and who knows just how much you could end up with.

LIONS BET - Sports Betting Nigeria

LIONS BET – Sports Betting Nigeria

Some will argue that it sounds unlikely, but you just need to be able to find the diamonds in the rough which people aren’t noticing throughout the groups. Take our Super Eagles for example: many fans are expecting them to roll over against Argentina, Croatia and Iceland when in reality, every single one of those games should be seen as extremely winnable. Nigeria may not be fancied amongst the media, but hardcore fans should be seeing the potential for big winnings this summer. Only three-way market types can be used for this specific promotion, and if you don’t have 20 different outcomes on your bet slip, then you will not be eligible to enter. Still, while that may be the case, don’t allow yourself to be put off by the sheer volume of correct results you need to accumulate – because in the World Cup, things can often swing your way when you least expect it. The mega jackpot winnings will be distributed between all of the winners to their LionsBet account, meaning that you’ll be able to enjoy the remainder of the tournament having already won a potentially life-changing sum of money. With things kicking off today you’d better get moving, as the eyes of the world converge on Russia for more than a month of endless entertainment. So sit back, relax, and pencil in the Nigeria vs Croatia game as your first potential bet slip selection with the Super Eagles preparing to shock the system.

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