Lions Bet Accumulator Bonus Promotion

Lions Bet Accu Promo

For all of you who like to play several games on their tickets, Lions Bet has one very interesting and profitable offer. This bookie is going to increase your winnings trough its “Accumulator Bonus” promotion, starting right this moment. How? In short terms, the more games you play, the bigger bonuses you get, and in the end, your total sum is much bigger. It is an offer which you need to take because you never know when is your lucky day. And the best thing is that it starts with only three games. Let us walk you through it!

Terms and Condition of the Promotion

There are several conditions which you have to fulfill in order to participate and use all of the conveniences of this promotion. First, you need to have three or more matches on your ticket. Doubles or singles are not bringing any bonuses, so, please remember that. Also, minimal odd has to be 1.2, or otherwise, you will not participate in “Accumulator Bonus” promotion.  Draw-no-bets are something which isn’t calculated in the bonuses, too. Those are the only conditions which you need to fulfill. We have to mention one more thing which you need to remember, and it concerns void events. They are not to be included in calculating the bonus, which means that if you have one such game on your ticket, your winnings will be different than the ones on the betslip.

In general, this promotion offers you a chance to get more money for the same number of games as you played before, which is brilliant. But also, as you increase the number of matches on your ticket, you can significantly boost your winnings, sometimes doubling the profits on the betslip from the one you had without the promotion. Be quick and visit Lions Bet, and grab this offer, because it brings a whole lot of possibilities to you, regarding your strategies for betting and your possible profits.

Good Luck!

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