Bryan Idowu - National Player Nigeria / Vlad1988 /

Idowu is ‘devastated’ after Argentina loss

It’s highly unlikely that anyone from the Nigerian national team are completely ready to move on from the loss against Argentina because after all, it’s only been a few days since Marcos Rojo’s dramatic late strike sent the Super Eagles out of the World Cup. Many players and fans alike would’ve been hoping to at least reach the Round of 16 before seeing where things go for there, but unfortunately, it wasn’t quite meant to be. The majority of Nigeria players have kept their thoughts to themselves in the wake of the defeat, but when it comes to Brian Idowu, he isn’t afraid to let the world know how devastated he is following Nigeria’s elimination.

While it may sound a bit overdramatic to be devastated by something that happens in the world of football, people need to remember how much of a dream it is to play in a tournament like the World Cup. It’s the pinnacle of our sport and any loss in the finals is going to hurt – for quite some time. Idowu has spoken about how hurt he is that Nigeria lost out to Argentina, although he said his family is with him so he’s not doing as badly anymore. He spoke candidly about the physical pain he feels following a three-game run in the span of just a few days, but he stated that those kinds of things are bound to happen when you’re giving it everything you’ve got.

Bryan Idowu - National Player Nigeria / Vlad1988 /

Bryan Idowu – National Player Nigeria – Vlad1988 /

He was open about the fact that they were just four minutes away from achieving their dream of qualifying, and that while it was upsetting, it’s an experience he won’t soon forget. Idowu was interlocked in a 90-minute battle with one of the greatest of all-time, Lionel Messi, and that it was a memory that will last with him for a lifetime. He ran down Messi’s opening goal which left many people with their jaws on the floor courtesy of his sensational technique, as Idowu called him a world-class finisher and the best player in the world. Of course, Messi will have to prove it again in just a few days time when Argentina go up against France. Idowu, who was actually born in Saint Petersburg, was one of the key men for Nigeria throughout this tournament – and he’ll likely feel like he should share some of the blame, but that shouldn’t be the case. The Amkar Perm defender can hold his head up high alongside the rest of his teammates, as the Super Eagles re-adjust and look ahead to the 2022 WC in Qatar and beyond.

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