Get rebate on your losses at Supabets with Money Back Special

Supabets, an online betting site, is running a couple of promotions at the moment. One of them is Money Back Special through which you can recuperate some of your losses. In fact, once you register for the promotion you can get 5% back of all your losing bets.

To be able to enjoy all the online gaming possibilities of Supabets and take part in their promotions, you need to register first. To be able to register, you must be at least 18 years of age and of course a resident of Nigeria. Just click on “Join now” and follow the instructions. Upon registration, you will be required to pay a small deposit. Once you have created an account, you will be able to explore the Supabets site and find the games you want to take part in.

The Money Back Special is a simple yet very effective promotion. It’s designed to reward you for your loyalty and give something back. This is how it works. The site will follow your bets on a weekly basis, to be more exact, from Tuesday to Monday. At the end of day Monday, it will calculate your aggregate weekly balance. For example, if your aggregate winnings in the week are 2,000 Naira and losses 1,500 Naira your balance will be positive and you would have had a good week. But in case your losses were 2,500 Naira, then your balance would be negative and your total losses for the week would be 500 Naira. With this promotion, you will get 5% of those losses back, which, in this case, is 25 Naira.

Supabets: Money Back Special Promotion

Supabets: Money Back Special Promotion

It’s important to note that this promotion DOES NOT involve any in-running events.

Every week, come Tuesday morning, the 5% money back bonus amount (providing you have a negative weekly balance) will be credited to your balance. You will not be able to withdraw that money as cash; you can only use this credit to place other bets. If there is an existing bonus balance on your account, you won’t be qualified for any new bonuses. We, at Supabets, remind you to place your wagers responsibly and play for fun.

The Supabets online gaming site covers sports betting on all major sports but also sports like darts, beach volleyball and futsal. To help you make more informed bets, Supabets has a section with all the results and statistics. Check out live betting, football jackpots as well as virtual games. If you need it, there is an extensive help section available.

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