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The FIFA World Cup is a time for joy and passion as football fans around the globe showcase their patriotism from the first whistle until the very last. Every time we think we’ve seen everything in this game the story changes once again, and while that can be exciting, it can also be quite nerve-wracking – especially if your nation is in the midst of a crucial group stage or knockout game.

So for all of you Super Eagles fans out there who are eagerly awaiting the games against Croatia, Iceland and Argentina, we’ve got an offer from LionsBet which will be right up your alley. The site, which continues to produce some of the best betting offers in the game right now, is awarding new and old customers of the site ₦50 bonuses every single time that Nigeria compete in the group stage of the World Cup. On top of this, if the Nigerians live up to expectations and proceed through to the knockout stages, an extra ₦100 will be awarded for every single game they compete in from that point forward.

LIONS BET - Free money this World Cup

LIONS BET – Free money this World Cup

Of course, as is usually the case with these kinds of offers, they can come back to bite you if you don’t read the terms and conditions properly – but have no fear, as that doesn’t apply to this particular market. It doesn’t matter what you place a bet on with the ₦50 and ₦100 that you’re given, because so long as you win the bet, you’ll be able to withdraw your money as if it were your own. It sounds simple, right? That’s because it is. Any and all betting markets are open for fans to invest in, which opens the door to some interesting possibilities where Nigeria are concerned. Group D is considered to be the unofficial Group of Death for the tournament this summer, and in our mind, there’s no limit to what could go down over the next few weeks.

Some fans will argue that Nigeria have no chance to survive until the KO rounds, but as we’ve seen so often in past editions of the World Cup, all it takes is one moment of magic to set you off on a completely different trajectory in a big tournament. So if it were up to us, we wouldn’t hesitate on putting some of your free money towards getting behind The Super Eagles as they attempt to go further than any African nation ever has before.

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