Refer a friend to Intertops and earn real money

While placing bets online can be an individual pastime, most of us talk about it to our friends and family, especially if they are also into betting. Intertops have realized that and have decided to give you an incentive to get your friends to join up, by giving you some money every time you do.

The way it works is – you join the Intertops Affiliate program, refer your friends to the betting site and earn a commission each time one of your friends register. What’s best, it’s a lifetime gig. Some users play recreationally, while others see themselves as betting experts. But both types of users enjoy playing. So, why not get your friends to enjoy it too!

You will be eligible to earn up to 35% commission from a range of Intertops products for each of the new users you refer. It costs you nothing, but it can be rewarding. Before we go over the rules of this promotion, there are two main conditions your friends must meet. They must be Nigerian citizens and at least 18 years of age.

Here is how you can start earning:

  • Step number one is to register your own affiliate account at this web address:
  • Step number two is to log into your account where you will find your tracking link. Go to “Tracking Links” and then “Default Website Intertops”
  • Think about which of your friends you want to refer and send them the tracking link.
  • If they want to register, your friends must first delete all the cookies in their browser and then click on your tracking link which will take them to the registration part of the site.
  • It’s worth noting that your friends can’t be linked to your affiliate account after the fact (retroactively).
Intertops: Refer a Friend, Earn Real Money

Intertops: Refer a Friend, Earn Real Money

If you would like to learn more about this great opportunity to earn some extra cash, please contact Intertops affiliate managers at the following e-mail address: [email protected]

For now, we’ll go over how you get your commission:

  • Intertops and you enter into an agreement where you get to share what Intertops earns by referring other customers and therefore attracting new business for the website.
  • Intertops website registers the friends you referred and tracks their bets.
  • You will get hourly reports on all your referrals.
  • As an affiliate you can get up to 35% commission based on the deposits of your referrals. The formula for calculating how much you can earn is complex and it’s something you would go over with your affiliate manager. But for example, if Intertops were to earn a net profit of $20,000 from your referrals over one month, you would get 20% of that amount and if Intertops got over $40,000 you would get 35%.

For more detailed information follow the link to the Intertops Affiliate Program or contact one of the managers on the above-mentioned e-mail.

Intertops is a long-standing online betting platform, known by its customers for reliability and safety. The site has an excellent sportsbook section with the 16 most popular sports, and even better live betting section and Virtual Sports betting option. Apart from that, there is the Casino, Live Casino and Poker. For a detailed overview, check out their website.

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