Nigeria squad “Super Eagles” heading home today

The Super Eagles

Nigeria squad “Super Eagles” heading home today

Nigeria fans came into the World Cup this year full of hope and optimism, but in the end, their journey hasn’t lasted quite as long as they would’ve hoped. Because of their loss against Argentina, the squad are set to return home to Nigeria today. The team have checked out of their hotel rooms, left their base camp, and now all that is left is for them to move on from this setback with their eyes firmly placed on the AFCON qualifiers. It won’t be easy to leave what happened in Russia in the past, but at the very least, they can take pride from the fact that they managed to pick up three points against a plucky Iceland side.

 Their opening game against Croatia wasn’t quite as positive, but when they’re on the plane home that’ll be the furthest thing from their mind – because if anything, they’ll be thinking about Marcos Rojo’s dramatic late winner that sent them out of the tournament. It was a goal that had been coming throughout the course of the second half, but that doesn’t make things any easier. The worst part of any international tournament is leaving early, knowing that if one or two other things had gone your way, then perhaps you’d have been able to progress deeper into the latter stages.  

According to the schedule the team are set to leave any hour now, where they will likely reunite with friends and associates alike. They will depart from Russia on an Emirates flight, and while it may be nice for them to fly in style, you have to question how much that’ll mean to them given the circumstances. The Nigerian Football Federation’s vice-president Shehu Dikko was the leader of the delegation, with other individuals from the committee also overseeing the situation. Of course, it won’t be the entire squad departing on the flight, with some leaving early to join up with their loved ones. While things will probably still feel pretty fresh right now, the positive news is that Nigeria’s chance for redemption in international tournaments could be right around the corner. They’ll be getting back to business in the form of an AFCON qualifying game in a few months time, as they contest a group containing Libya, South Africa and Seychelles. It may not exactly be the World Cup, but they’ll certainly have a chip on their shoulders.

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