Nigeria legend Kanu robbed in Russia

Nwankwo Kanu

Nigeria legend Kanu robbed in Russia

While the FIFA World Cup tends to be all about bringing people around the globe together in the name of football, sometimes, things get a little bit out of hand. Given the nature of fans and the sheer volume of people who are in the host country each year, there’s bound to be trouble – and unfortunately, Nigeria legend Nwankwo Kanu found that out the hard way. The 41-year-old, who scored 12 goals in 87 appearances across 17 years for The Super Eagles, was in Russia to take part in a FIFA Legends game prior to the World Cup officially kicking off. The former Arsenal superstar had $11,000 stolen from his luggage upon arrival, which is hardly the ideal way to kick-start a trip which is intended to be full of enjoyment, entertainment and endless excitement.

Nigeria will open up their World Cup campaign against Croatia next Saturday night, and while Kanu won’t be directly involved in the game, it’s a shame for Nigerian fans to hear about such an icon experiencing a difficult situation like this so close to the tournament. Given the nature of how much he earned throughout his many years in the game it’s unlikely to cause too much of a dent in his finances, but beyond that, this kind of thing opens to the door to questions regarding whether or not Russia was the right choice to host the WC this year. While we understand that these kinds of things can happen no matter where you go, the security issue surrounding the country was considered to be a problem way back when Russia were first awarded the tournament. The controversy that went alongside their victory hasn’t gone away, and if it wasn’t for Qatar 2022, they’d probably have even more eyes on them regarding how they’re handling the whole thing.

We’ve heard rumblings that most World Cups will be hosted by two or more countries from this point on, and while there are definitely problems that come alongside that, perhaps it’s the best way to go. After all, sharing the responsibility of hosting such a mammoth event would certainly take some of the strain off of hosting it alone – and while we’re confident that most aspects of the upcoming World Cup will be enjoyable, there’s still some cause for concern. Thankfully this won’t be enough to ruin the atmosphere for The Super Eagles, who will go head to head with Czech Republic tomorrow evening as their final preparations for the summer spectacular begin.



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