Football Betting Guide

Football is undoubtedly the most popular sport to bet on in Nigeria, with domestic bookmakers offering a huge number of markets in this area, while international betting sites also ensure that their coverage is as good as can be.

Whether you are new to football betting or consider yourself something of an experienced professional, it is never too late to take on board useful information. As a result, our football betting guide has been established in order to provide a detailed account of everything there is to know, from the type of bets available to promotions available with bookmakers.

Different Types of Football Bets

Despite the fact that all bookmakers will structure their football betting markets differently, with the number of competitions and leagues covered generally depending on the size of the platform, there are a range of bets that can be found everywhere for customers in Nigeria. The following are a taster of some of the most popular, with your betting strategy potentially determining which you will ultimately utilise.

• 1X2 Betting – This is undoubtedly the most popular form of football betting, with the outcome of a match after 90 minutes determining the success. Customers are able to bet on a team to win, lose or draw, with the odds available depending on the form of the teams involved, as well as their head-to-head record and player availability.
• Double Chance – As with 1X2 betting, punters are able to select from three different options here, however the odds are now as attractive duo to the double chance aspect. Users can either back on a home win or draw, away win or draw or a home or away win.
• Draw No Bet – This form of football betting is growing in popularity due to the fact that it eliminates the draw outcome from available selections. Should the game wagered upon end in a draw, customers will receive their stake back.
• Correct Score – Football fans are constantly arguing over their score predictions for upcoming matches, with betting customers also able to wager upon a particular scoreline coming to fruition. With bookmakers now offering everything from 1-0 to 6-1, punters are also able to send requests if their option is not available.
• Both Teams to Score – This is another firm favourite among football betting fans, especially when it comes to matches made up by two evenly matched teams. Customers have the option to either bet on Yes or No, concerning whether both teams will score during the 90 minutes.
• Handicaps – Handicap football bets allow customers to bet on a match when a team has been given an advantage ahead of kick-off by the bookmaker, such as a one goal lead.

Goals Markets

Whether it be a 30-yard screamer or a two-yard tap in, as far as football betting is concerned, a goal is a goal, potentially making punters extremely happy. Goals are undoubtedly what makes a game, so let’s take a look at some of the most popular football betting markets surrounding them.

Goalscorers – Customers are able to back on individual players to find the back of the net during the 90 minutes of matches from a whole host of competitions and leagues, whether it be the first goal of the game or the last. Whether it be backing Cristiano Ronaldo to open the scoring during a Champions League encounter or Harry Kane to score the final goal of the game for Tottenham Hotspur in a Premier League clash, such markets offer hugely attractive odds on the whole. Bookmakers offer prices on every outfield player likely to participate, with punters also able to bet on a player to score a double or hat-trick on occasion. Unsurprisingly, strikers have the shortest odds in such markets, while defenders are offered a price of up to 30/1 sometimes. Meanwhile, some betting sites will offer each-way odds on such markets, meaning that customers can still come out on top, even if their pick does not open the scoring in a match.

Over/Under Markets

Over/under bets surrounding football matches have quickly become one of the most common forms of betting, with attractive prices meaning that they attract major interest from a wide range of customers. Usually, betting on there being under or over 2.5 goals is the most common form of wagering in this area, based on a customers opinion regarding whether a match will be low-scoring or high-scoring. However, the majority of bookmakers do not limit their users to just this market, with the opportunity to be on any number of goals being scored, as well as corners and yellow and red cards.

Given the competitive nature of football matches, tackles fly in from all angles on the pitch. For those who predict a particularly tension-filled encounter, betting on there being over a certain number of 90 minutes during the 90 minutes is well worth considering. It is a similar case with corners, with the style of play of the teams involved potentially influencing the number awarded during the match. Should two teams who enjoy getting the ball wide and whipping in crosses face off against each other, this is an encounter worth betting on there being a large number of corners.

Football Specials

A number of bookmakers have gained reputations within the industry for offering a range of specials when it comes to football betting, with the following just a taster of the more obscure wagering options available to customers in Nigeria:

Winning Margin – One of the more straightforward markets available is betting on the winning margin of a team within a particular match, regardless of whether they claim all three points. As well as this, there are also opportunities for score draws and the game to end with no goals having been scored.
Minute Markets – The majority of betting sites will also offer the opportunity to bet on a goal being scored at a certain time in the match, whether it be in the first 10 minutes or the last. As well as this, punters can bet on a certain number of corners or yellow cards being awarded before half time.
Clean Sheet – A clean sheet is when a particular team does not concede a goal during a 90 minute match, with customers able to place bets here too. Such bets should be placed on teams with good defensive records and home advantage.
Penalty – Penalties, despite often being controversial, are regularly awarded to attacking teams, meaning that it comes as little surprise that customers can also bet on one being awarded during a football match. As well as this, some betting platform also offer customers the chance of backing a team to miss a penalty, which comes with long odds.
Red Card – Footballers can often get a little carried away while on the pitch, with mistimed tackles and acts of misconduct often leading to players being dismissed by the referee. Betting customers can also bet on a certain player or team to receive a red card during a match, with those who are regularly on the wrong side of the law offered shorter odds than those who rarely get themselves in trouble with officials.