Credit Card Betting Sites in Nigeria

Nigeria has one of the fastest-growing economies in Africa thanks to its huge reserve of oil and other natural resources. With the boom in the economy, a vast majority of the population has turned toward online betting. And if you’re one of them, this post just might be for you.

Whenever a betting platform is concerned, payment options play a big role. Bettors, including you, will always be worried about the safety of your money. Worry no more because we’ve got you covered. In this post, we’ll go over why credit card betting sites in Nigeria are a better option for you.

Why Choose Credit Cards?

casino nigeria logoAs the world economy has come a long way, the culture of using credit cards has evolved as well. As a bettor in Nigeria, you want absolute security for your money. Credit card betting sites in Nigeria are the perfect place for you to start as no other payment option is as safe as credit cards.

To better understand how credit cards work, you can think of them as ‘borrowing cards’. Instead of using your money directly, you are going through the credit card company that pays for your purchases. Unlike a debit card, you pay the bills usually at the end of the month.

So, how does that translate to you as a bettor? Is it good for you? Or is it the formula for doom?

The short answer would be, it can be both. It all depends on how you utilize your credit card for sports betting in Nigeria.

Credits cards offer significantly better security than any other payment options including debit cards or mobile wallets. For example, if you fall victim to a scam, the credit card companies have the resources to investigate what went wrong and fix the problem for you. Most companies have some sort of fraud protection in place.

You don’t get such flexibility with debit cards. The money once gone from your account is gone forever.

Moreover, credit cards build credit scores over time which can be very beneficial for you in terms of taxes. You can get exclusive discounts at stores with your credit scores as well. Overall, a credit card is a better choice for you in terms of betting sites.

Over 60 million of the 200 million population is involved in some form of online gambling, according to a report by Businesswire. That’s a lot of people involved in betting and their safety is our concern which includes you as well.

Some of the Credit Card Companies in Nigeria

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Now that we’ve established you should use credit cards for your betting purposes in Nigeria, let’s go over some of the renowned credit card companies in operation.


It’s not possible that you haven’t heard about VISA. Even if you don’t own a credit card, you know the name of this American multinational organization. It’s the largest financial services provider in the world and it has quite a large operation in Nigeria.

Most of the reputed local banks can provide you with a VISA credit card given that you open an account at that bank. Even international giants like Standard Chartered Bank, Citibank, etc. are operating and providing extraordinary services. Even local banks like Ecobank Nigeria Plc, Zenith Bank Plc, etc. can hook you up with a VISA credit card.


Again, no discussion regarding credit cards is complete without the inclusion of MasterCard. MasterCard or Mastercard, however you want to name it, is the second-largest credit card company in the world after VISA.

MasterCard is very popular among punters like you for its extraordinary security and rewards in Nigeria. And you can get the same benefits if you use it for your online betting needs. It even offers price protection, where if the price of a product drops within 60 days of your purchase, you may get a refund of the difference.

American Express

American Express is not as widely used as VISA or MasterCard around the world. And it’s true for Nigerian punters as well. But Amex has its own perks for the loyal customers of the credit cards. In terms of sports betting, Amex cards have very limited coverage as most betting sites tend to go with VISA or MasterCard.

The fraud protection system in place is one of the best in class. You can expect to not even fall victim to a scam. The portal will not allow you to deposit money where you shouldn’t.

Credit Card Betting Sites in Nigeria

In this section, we’re going to share some of the betting sites in Nigeria that accept credit cards. Whether it’s VISA, MasterCard, or Amex, you can expect to find the highest sense of security while betting on these platforms.

Spoiler alert, you won’t find any Amex card betting sites on our list. The reason is self-explanatory which is the low number of users in Africa. However, we can surely expect to see some good betting platforms in the near future that offers deposits and withdrawals using American Express.


Whenever we are talking about sports betting in Nigeria, NetBet’s name comes up. It’s one of the pioneers in online betting in this region. NetBet has been a reliable name to the Nigerian punters for its wide selection of sports market and competitive odds.

And it is one of the best credit card betting sites in Nigeria. It has both VISA and MasterCard in the payment options list. The bookmaker doesn’t interfere with the operations of the financial service providers and leaves the security aspect entirely on their hands.


It is Nigeria’s very own bookmaker, owned and operated by renowned Nigerian politician and entrepreneur, Akin Alabi. NairaBET is very much targeted toward the local audience with a huge emphasis on sports like football and basketball.

The sports betting platform has outperformed some of its competitors like Betway with the inclusion of credit card payments. You cannot use credit cards to either deposit or withdraw money in Betway Nigeria. But with NairaBET, you are free to use your VISA or MasterCard credit cards to make your payments.


If you’re a Nigerian punter, you surely know Lionsbet, right? It has one of the most extensive sports betting markets in the country. You like football? You get to bet on English Premier League, German Bundesliga, Italian Series A, Champions League, and so on. You like tennis? Lionsbet got you covered.

To top it off, the sportsbook includes two of the world’s most popular credit card companies, MasterCard and VISA. However, keep in mind that you can only make deposits with your credit card. To withdraw, you must link a compatible bank account at this bookmaker.

Finishing Up

Credit cards come with their own perks if used correctly. As for sports betting, credit cards can offer better security when compared to debit cards or mobile wallets. If you pay your credit card debts in time, you don’t even have to pay any interest.

Bottom line is, bet responsibly with your hard-earned money. And with credit cards, you don’t have to have the money in hand or in your account. Just make sure that you pay off the bills at the right time and enjoy your time betting on your favorite sports throughout the month.